Fix: No Apps Can Perform This Action Reddit

reddit link error

Users on Reddit have reported having trouble accessing links from other sources.

When users attempt to open a link using the “open with” option, they get the error message “No apps can perform this action.”

Many users have complained that whenever they attempt to open external links, they always get an empty field.

One reddit user posted, “Same issue, thought it was caused by a work profile app i installed for new job.

Removed that and still seeing the issue (realized I wasn’t seeing it the last week I had the profile active until today).

Had to switch to opening th6ing in app and then popping open the browser.”

Users who are experiencing problems allege that the most recent Reddit update may be to reason.

For those who often utilize the Reddit community platform, it is really troublesome.

Links to other apps like Twitter or YouTube cannot be used or accessed.

How To Fix “No Apps Can Perform This Action”?

The potential fix of “No Apps Can Perform This Action” is disable the “Open Supported Links” in option in the Reddit app which will help you open the links in web browser.

“No Apps Can Perform This Action” issue will fixed.

Steps to Disable Open Supported Links in Reddit App:

Step 1: Open Reddit App on your device

Step 2: Go to Your Reddit settings

Step 3: Scroll down and Disable “Open web links in-app“.

Step 4: Close reddit app and Open your Phone settings

Step 5: Search “Reddit” in search bar

Step 6: Scroll down and tap on “Open by default” or “Set as default

Step 7: Disable “Open supported links“.

Step 8:No Apps Can Perform This Action” issue will fixed.

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To Fix “No Apps Can Perform This Action“, ” is disable the “Open Supported Links” in option in the Reddit app and Disable “Open web links in-app” inside phone setting >> reddit app info.

This will fix your issue and links will be open properly.

Users have tried uninstalling and again installing the Reddit app, clearing the Reddit app cache which doesn’t help to resolve “No Apps Can Perform This Action”.

Alternately, there are some bug or glitch in Reddit App. So, wait till the bug is resolved by Reddit team. 

After that also update the Reddit app to latest version if available and Reddit App will work fine and you will able to open the links properly..