How To Fix Mudae Not Working & Mudae Bot Is Offline

How To Fix Mudae Not Working & Mudae Bot Is Offline

Are you having issues trying to use the Mudae bot in your Discord server?

Maybe you are finding that the Mudae bot is offline and is not rolling into the server.

This issue is recently faced by many Discord users all over the world.

Mudae bot is a bot used in Discord servers that were created by Saya.

This bot can host many multiplayer games, which include word games, gacha character roulettes, Pokemon roulettes and many others.

But similar to other bots in the Discord server, the Mudae bot can also face problems which make it unable to work properly in the Discord servers.

It can be frustrating and stressful and that is why we are here to help!

You can easily solve the Mudae bot offline issue by following this article.


What Causes Mudae Bot Not Working?

There can be various reasons why your Mudar bot is not working in your Discord Server.

The most common reason could be that there could be some technical issues in Discord which is stopping the Mudae bot from functioning properly.

As Discord is an online platform if the server is down or facing some issues then also Mudae bot will be offline in the server so it can’t roll.

You will need to have a strong and stable internet connection if you want Discord to be able to run the bots on the server otherwise the Mudae bot will be offline.

Another reason could be that the Mudae bot does not have permission to work on your Discord server. 

In the following section you will get to learn how you can fix these issues for the Mudae bot in your Discord and solve the issue of the Mudae bot being offline on a server so can’t roll.

Mudae bot Not Working

How To Fix Mudae Bot Not Working?

In this section, we will be discussing the solutions that can help you to fix the Mudae bot not working issue in your Discord server.

1. Check The Internet Connection

The first thing that you need to do is to check the internet connection.

The Mudae bot is connected to Discord. If your device does not have a sufficient connection to run Discord properly then it is possible that is the reason why the Mudae bot is offline.

Discord needs a strong and stable internet connection for it to work properly.

You can interchange your wifi connection with a data connection or ethernet and check whether the problem gets resolved.

If you find any issue with your internet connection then please contact the local service provider to fix the issue.

2. Check Discord Server Status

If the Discord server is facing an outage then also Discord will not function properly and in turn, the Mudae bot will remain offline.

Discord is an online platform it can face server outages and will have to go through scheduled maintenance to function properly.

You should first check whether the Discord Server is online before trying to open it and using the Mudae bot.

If you see that the server is not online then wait for some time till the technical team of Discord fixes it and then you can open Discord and use the Mudae bot.

3. Verify Bot Permission

If you are having issues with your Mudae bot in your server then maybe the bot does not have permission to operate on the server.

If you are not the admin of the server then please talk to the admin and ask them to permit the Mudae bot.

If you are the server admin then you can just check the server’s settings and permit the Mudae bot to operate on the server.

4. Restart Mudae Bot

You can disable and enable Mudae bot permission if you see that the Mudae bot had stopped working for your Discord Server suddenly and gone offline.

It can happen due to a glitch in the system of Discord.

In that case, doing a restart of the Mudae bot by toggling on and off the Permission option should solve the issue.

5. Restart Discord

As an alternative solution, you can also restart the Discord app on your Device.

If there is a bug in the system of Discord which is preventing Mudae from working then doing this would stop that issue from arising.

First close Discord by doing a Force Stop from Settings of your Device and then wait for some time.

After that open Discord and try to use the Mudae bot again and see whether that solves the issue.

6. Contact The Mudae Bot Forum

After you have tried all these solutions given above you should be able to solve the issue of the Mudae bot offline in Discord.

However, if you are still unable to solve it then you can post your questions in the Mudae subreddit and talk to the people there about the Mudae bot not working on your server.

As there are many users they might be able to tell you a solution.