How To Fix Midjourney Seed Not Working 

Is Midjourney Not working and Looking for a fix?

Then you have come to the right place.

Midjourney is one of the most popular AI Tools among graphic designers; you can generate unique worlds, characters, and images through short text descriptions.

Midjourney seed is a randomly generated numerical value for each image.

With the help of seed value, you can generate different images with similar textures and noise.

However, sometimes users find difficulties in using Midjourney seed value, and It needs to be fixed. 

In this article, you will understand why Midjourney seed is not working and the reason behind it.

You should have a discord account to access Midjourney. It is a text2image converter AI tool that generates images based on your Text prompt.

Why Is Midjourney Seed Not Working ?

Withou Seed value
With Seed Value

Midjourney seed not working means there might be a typo error in the seed value or the command and an issue with the discord application or the Midjourney AI Tool.

There are two types of seed commands: One is seed, and another one is sameseed.

The seed regulates the production of noise in your image. Typically, images are generated on a random basis.

The power of using the seed command and setting a seed is that it will produce roughly the same result with the same prompt.

Before getting into the solution, let’s understand how to check the seed value in Midjourney.

  • After Generating your image, click on the Emoji icon and click on the Envelope emoji.
  • If you cannot see the Envelope emoji, search “:envelope:” to bring it up.
  • Click on the Envelope Emoji and click enter. 
  • The processed image will be displayed again in the inbox with the Job Id and Seed value.
  • Now you note the seed value and use the value in the command prompt while generating images.

Command: /imagine a yellow flower on a table –seed 1234

  • Alternatively, you can use the sameseed comment for all images using the “old” Midjourney version 3 by specifying the parameter “v 3” with the following comments:

Command: /imagine a yellow flower on a table –sameseed 1234 –v 3

How To Fix Midjourney Seed Not Working 

Users can use the Seed command to specify a seed value, resulting in more consistent results.

Also, you have to understand that the seed minimizes producing different outputs for same prompt.

1. Check The Command And The Seed Value

If the Midjourney seed value is not working, ensure you have inputted the correct seed value and followed the right command prompt.

You will not get the exact images if the seed value or the command prompt is different.

2. Roll Out The Exact Prompt Multiple Times With The Seed Value

Sometimes if you get four different versions for the first prompt when using the seed value, it is possible to get additional output noise since the referred seed value has four different versions.

For example 

You are given the command Opened book on a Table, and you will get two different(Modern and vintage) tables and two different backgrounds (yellow and orange) on each image.

Now you are using the seed value and giving the same command.

Unsurprisingly, you are getting a Vintage table image with a different background.

So you can run a multiple command prompt until you get at least three images with similar variations like similar shade and use that seed value to reproduce as much as images you want with slight variations.

Magic!!!!! Alter the prompt words like adding the background colour you want , re-roll, or variant until you’re convinced.

3. Do Not Change The Prompt Too Much

If you keep the quick close to the one you used to generate the seed, you will get the same composition: light areas, subject(s), design, etc. 

However, if you alter the prompt too frequently, the seed will unexpectedly jump to a different image. If the prompt is similar enough, the fundamentals of the images are preserved.