How To Fix Lyft Shared Ride Not Showing Up

Lyft is a great app to commute to the office daily and run the usual errands. It mitigates several issues of finding a cab when you are occupied by bringing drivers and passengers together on a single platform.

However, users have reported that the “Shared Ride” option is not showing up anymore.

Are you facing this issue as well? This article will help you understand why the “Shared Ride” option does not show up anymore and what you can do about it.

Why Is Lyft Shared Ride Not Showing Up?

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The shared ride option is not showing up on Lyft as it has officially discontinued shared rides to revamp the platform. This is the latest change the ride-hailing company’s new chief executive officer is making to compete with other platforms.

Lyft halted pooled rides during the pandemic and had gradually been re-introducing the service in select markets last year. However, they have discontinued the shared ride service from now on.

Lyft wants to focus on its ride-hailing core business and become more profitable to compete with other such platforms.

The shared ride option also often came up as an issue for drivers. Drivers received lower pay than the standard rate and often encountered problems with passengers.

How To Fix Lyft Shared Ride Not Showing Up?

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As the shared ride service has been discontinued from the Lyft app officially, this problem can not be fixed. Users will have to look up to other platforms to avail of the shared ride facility.

However, you can continue to avail the usual services of the Lyft app (Economy and Luxury cars).