How To Fix “Vehicle Not Approved To Drive” On Lyft

Lyft is a great app to commute to the office daily and run the usual errands.

It mitigates several issues of finding a cab when you are occupied by bringing drivers and passengers together.

It’s an amazing app for drivers as well as it allows them to be tipped right through the app and they also get the opportunity to earn more from bonuses, like driver challenges, which give drivers extra cash for things like consistent driving.

However, some drivers have reported receiving an error message saying “Your vehicle is not approved to drive”.

Have you received the same error message?

This article will guide you on how to fix the “Vehicle not approved.

Your vehicle is not approved to drive” error message.

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Why Is “Vehicle Not Approved To Drive” On Lyft?

1. Vehicle Information Not Updated

If you have recently made changes or modifications to your vehicle and have not updated the details on the Lyft platform, your vehicle may not be approved to drive.

The Lyft platform requires you to disclose details related to your vehicle.

2. Complaint By Passengers

Your vehicle may not be approved to drive if a passenger has filed a complaint against you stating any form of inconvenience provided to him or her.

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How To Fix Vehicle Not Approved To Drive On Lyft?

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Lyft drivers must meet certain requirements to drive on the platform.

If your vehicle is not approved to drive on Lyft, there are several steps you can take to address the issue.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Check Vehicle And Driver Requirements

Make sure your vehicle meets all the necessary criteria set by Lyft.

Lyft typically has specific requirements regarding the age, model, and condition of the vehicle.

Visit Lyft’s website or driver portal to review their vehicle requirements and ensure your vehicle complies with those.

All Lyft vehicles must have four doors and a minimum of five seatbelts (maximum of eight seatbelts).

Taxis and stretch limousine vehicles aren’t accepted on the Lyft platform.

Make sure to comply with their driver requirements as well such as driver’s license, insurance, license plates, etc.

2. Update Your Vehicle Information

If your vehicle has undergone changes or modifications that may affect its eligibility, ensure that you have updated this information on the Lyft platform.

Log in to your driver account and check the vehicle details to ensure accuracy.

3. Check Your Driver Account Status

Confirm that your driver account is in good standing.

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If there are any issues with your account, resolve them as soon as possible.

This may include providing updated documents, completing required training, or resolving any outstanding complaints or violations.

To check your account status, follow these steps:

Log In to the application site > Check your account status > Upload the required documents.

4. Ensure You Have Completed Background Check


Lyft conducts a criminal background check as a part of the application process, with your consent.

Background checks can take several weeks to process at times.

For the background check, U.S. drivers must provide a valid social security number (SSN).

Background checks are then run by a third-party company, Checkr, Inc.

You can check the status of your background check by logging in to the Checkr applicant portal.

Enter your details such as phone number, email, SSN, and date of birth, and check the status.

5. Contact Lyft Support Team

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If you believe there is an error or your vehicle meets all the requirements but is still not approved, reach out to Lyft’s support team.

Explain the situation clearly and provide any necessary documentation or evidence to support your case.

You can typically contact Lyft support through the driver app or website.

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