How To Fix LastPass Autofill Not Working

LastPass is a popular password manager that simplifies online security by securely storing and auto-filling passwords.

However, users may encounter frustrating situations where the LastPass autofill feature fails to work as expected.

When faced with LastPass autofill not working, it becomes crucial to understand the causes behind this issue and explore effective solutions to restore seamless autofill functionality.

In this article, we will delve into the possible reasons why LastPass autofill may not be working and provide practical steps to resolve the problem.

Why Is LastPass Autofill Not Working


There are several reasons why LastPass autofill may not work as intended. Understanding the underlying causes can help in finding the appropriate solutions. Here are some common reasons for LastPass autofill not working:

1. LastPass Autofill Is Disabled

One possible reason is that the autofill settings within LastPass are disabled.

You might have inadvertently turned off the autofill feature, resulting in LastPass not automatically filling in passwords and credentials.

2. “Never URLs” Is Enabled

LastPass offers a feature called “Never URLs,” which allows users to exclude specific websites from auto-filling.

If you have accidentally added a website to the Never URLs list, LastPass will not autofill credentials on that particular site.

3. You Are On A HTTP Website

Autofill functionality in LastPass might be affected when attempting to use it on websites that do not have secure connections (HTTP instead of HTTPS).

LastPass prioritizes security and, due to the potential risks associated with transmitting sensitive data over unencrypted connections, it may choose not to autofill on HTTP websites.

How To Fix LastPass Autofill Not Working

1. Enable LastPass Autofill

To enable autofill in LastPass, users should navigate to the LastPass settings within the application or browser extension.

Verify that the autofill options are turned on and adjust any relevant settings to ensure LastPass can fill in passwords and credentials automatically.

2. Disable Never URLs

To disable the Never URLs feature in LastPass, users need to access the LastPass settings and review the list of excluded websites.

Remove any unintended entries from the Never URLs list, allowing LastPass to autofill credentials on those sites.

Steps Remove Websites From Never URL:

  • Click on the extension’s icon in your browser’s toolbar.
  • Locate the LastPass extension among the listed extensions.
  • Click on the LastPass extension icon to open it.
  • From the LastPass menu, click on “Open My Vault.”
  • In the LastPass Vault, navigate to the “Account Settings” section.
  • Select the “Never URL” tab in the Account Settings.
  • Check if the website you’re facing issues with is listed in the Never URL tab.
  • If you find the website listed, click on the delete icon next to it.
  • Confirm the deletion by clicking OK.

3. Reinstall LastPass Extension Or App

If the above solutions do not resolve the issue, it may be necessary to reinstall the LastPass browser extension and the LastPass mobile app (if applicable).

Uninstall the existing installations, then download and install the latest versions of both the extension and the app