Fix: Instagram Flipping Photos

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Instagram is a popular social media app that has created quite a buzz in the world of the internet. There are almost or more than one billion active users of Instagram currently. 

Are you facing issue in Instagram app, Instagram is flipping your photos? Don’t worry you are not alone. Lot of other people also facing same issue.

In this article, we will explain why Instagram flipping your photos and how to fix it.

Why Is Instagram Flipping Your Photos?

The following reasons may be responsible for the Instagram flipping your photos.

  • There can some technical issue in Instagram app.
  • Corrupted cache files of the Instagram app may also be stopping the app from functioning properly.
  • Sometimes, an outdated Instagram App version can also pose problems.
  • Minor bugs in your device may also prevent the proper functioning of the app.

How To Fix “Instagram Flipping Photos”?

Fix 1: Wait For 12 To 48 Hours

If Instagram is flipping your photos then high chances that there are some technical issue in Instagram App or Instagram server is down and Instagram team already know and is working to resolve the issue. 

In this case, you can’t do anything so just wait 12 to 48 hours till issue is resolved from Instagram team side or Instagram server is up.

Fix 3: Clear Instagram App Cache

Most of time, when Instagram is flipping photos, clearing the app cache will resolve the issue. 

So, To fix Instagram flipping photos issue, clear Instagram app cache. To clear the Instagram App cache,

For Android users, Go to settings >> Find Instagram App >> Tap on clear cache. Instagram App cache will be cleared.

For iPhone users, Go to iPhone settings >> Go to General >> Tap on iPhone Storage >> Find Instagram App and click on that >> Tap on Offload App button >> Again Reinstall Instagram app.

Check Instagram is flipping photos or not after Clearing the cache.

Fix 4: Delete And Reinstall Instagram App

To Fix Instagram flipping photos issue, first uninstall and then reinstall the Instagram app. Sometime Uninstalling and Reinstalling the Instagram app will resolve the issue. 

So, First Uninstall the app from your phone after that re install again and check Instagram is flipping photos or not.

If still Instagram is flipping photos then try other fixes.

Fix 5: Update Instagram App To Latest Version

To Fix Instagram flipping photos issue, update Instagram app with latest version because Sometime old version not work perfectly.

If your Instagram app version is outdated then it may not work properly. 

Also updating the Instagram app to latest version will fix all previous bug in the app which were known to Instagram support team.

You can also do auto update of the app if you want, that will keep your app updated always with latest version and bug free.

Fix 6: Restart Your Phone

If above solution not working then Sometime, there is an issue with your phone not Instagram app. So, Close the Instagram app and restart your phone.

After Restarting the phone, check Instagram is flipping photos or not.

Fix 7: Contact Instagram Support Team

If nothing works and If you think Instagram flipping photos issue is with only you and your friends or other Instagram user having no such issue then you can contact Instagram Support team. 

Steps to contact Instagram Support team:

Step 1: Open Instagram App

Step 2: Tap on your Profile Picture to go to your profile

Step 3: Tap in the top right corner at 3 horizontal line

Step 4: Tap on Settings

Step 5: Scroll down and click on help

Step 6: Tap on Report a Problem

Step 7: Now, follow instruction on screen and explain your problem “Instagram flipping photos issue”. Write your issue in detail.

Step 8: Click on Send Report

Wait for some time or it can also take longer time. Your issue will be resolved.

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To Fix Instagram flipping photos issue, clear Instagram app cache, delete and reinstall the Instagram app. This will fix your issue and Instagram flipping photos issue will be resolved.

Alternately, there are chances that there are some technical issues in Instagram App. So, in this case wait till the those technical issues resolved from Instagram team. After that your Instagram Photos will look properly.