Fix: Google Stopwatch Gone


Google stopwatch is very useful feature to measure the time interval. If you want to measure the time of an event or anything you can take benefit of google stopwatch for live measurement.

Google Stopwatch can be used by anyone anywhere who having access to internet which makes our life easy.

Recently, some users tweeted on twitter that Google stopwatch feature is disappeared, it’s not coming on Google search.

For example when you search “stopwatch” on Google, you would get automatic stopwatch on Google.

Why Google Stopwatch Gone?

Google stopwatch is gone might be because of some glitch from Google and Google already know about this.

Google team working on this to resolve issue ASAP.

Usually, when you search “stopwatch” on Google, that automatic stopwatch will display under search box.

But, now when you search “stopwatch” on Google, you will not get automatic stopwatch. Some website will come only in search.

So, you can’t do much if there is some glitch from Google side. In this case, wait till issue is fixed by Google team.

Alternatively, you using PC then there are various chrome extension available for stopwatch or if you using mobile phone then you can download stopwatch app from google play store or App Store for sometime till issue is fixed by Google Team.

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