Fix: Google Timer Gone

google timer

Google timer is very useful feature to know live clock of your time zone or any other time zone which you search on Google.

Google Timer can be used by anyone anywhere who having access to internet which makes our life easy.

Recently, some users tweeted on twitter that Google time feature is disappeared, it’s not coming on Google search.

For example when you search “minute timer” or “second timer” or “set timer for 10 minutes” on Google, you would get automatic timer on Google.

Some Twitter users saying that Google removed this automatic timer feature from search. But, still there is no such confirmation from Google.

Why Google Timer Gone?

Google Timer is gone might be because of some glitch from Google and Google already know about this.

Google team working on this to resolve issue ASAP.

Usually, when you search “minute timer” or “second timer” or “set timer for 10 minutes” on Google, that automatic timer will display under search box.

But, now when you search “minute timer” or “second timer” or “set timer for 10 minutes” on Google, you will not get automatic timers. Some website will come only in search.

So, you can’t do much if there is some glitch from Google side. In this case, wait till issue is fixed by Google team.

Alternatively, you using PC then there are various chrome extension available for Timer or if you using mobile phone then you can download Timer app from google play store or App Store for sometime till issue is fixed by Google Team.

According to Google Support, If timer is not not working in Google Nest then try below steps:

Initial checklist 

First, make sure:

  1. Your speaker or display is powered on.
  2. Your speaker or display is set up on your Wi-Fi network.
  3. Your speaker or display is properly linked to a Google Account.

General Troubleshooting:

Step 1. Reboot your speaker or display

  1. Disconnect the power cable from the Google Nest or Home device.
  2. Reconnect power cable back into the Google Nest or Home device.

Step 2. Set desired timer or alarm as a test

Use the following commands:

  1. Timer: “Hey Google, set a timer for XX min” (“Hey Google, set a timer for 1 min”).
  2. Alarm: “Hey Google, set an alarm for XX” (Hey Google, set an alarm for 3 PM”).

Step 3. Confirm if your speaker or display recognized the question correctly

  1. Ask your speaker or display to “Repeat the question.” Note: This will repeat the last question you asked.
    1. If it isn’t repeated correctly, ask the question once more.
      1. If it still isn’t recognizing the question, speak slower or try another question and have your speaker or display repeat the question to verify it was understood correctly.

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