How To Fix F1 TV Error Code BM2101

Are you seeing F1 TV Error code BM2101 when you are trying to open your streaming service of F1 TV?

If that is the case then there are many users alongside you who are facing this exact same issue with their F1 TV.

The error code BM2101 is a recent error that is occurring in F1 TV.

In this article, we will be showing you how you can fix it and why you might be getting this error.

What Causes F1 TV Error Code BM2101

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The error code BM2101 is a recent error that is occurring in F1 TV streaming services.

Mostly this error occurs when someone tries to watch F1 TV through their Smart TV.

Many users have reported that this happens due to F1 TV not supporting many Smart TV models.

However, there is currently no concrete reason given by F1 TV as to why such an error BM2101 is happening to its streaming services.

We can safely assume that it is probably a bug that is inside the system of F1 TV.

Even though it is a bug in the system, there are certain fixes that you can try to see if that solve the issue in your F1 TV streaming services.

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Fixes For F1 TV Error Code BM2101

In this section, we have listed some of the fixes that we believe would be able to help you in fixing the error code BM2101 in your F1 TV streaming service.

1. Check Your Device Compatibility

If you are trying to use your F1 TV with your Smart TV and then getting the error code BM2101, then it could be a compatible issue with your Smart TV.

You should contact the Help Desk and then ask then whether your Smart TV model is compatible to play F1 TV. 

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2. Refresh Your Browser

If you are streaming F1 TV from your browser to your device then it can be a glitch in the system.

You can refresh or reload your browser to check whether this solves the error code BM2101.

3. Clear Browser Cache

The next thing that you can try is to clear the browser Cache from your system.

If your browser cache had accumulated too many cache files then it will be difficult for F1 TV to function properly and maybe that could be the reason for the error code BM2101.

  • Open Chrome.
  • Go to the three dots in the upper right-hand corner and click on them.
  • Select More Tools.
  • Click on Clear browsing data.
  • Check all the boxes and then select Clear data.

4. Check Your Internet Connection

You should also check your internet connection thoroughly.

If you have an unstable connection then your F1 TV could be showing the error code BM2101.

You can interchange your wifi settings as well as your cellular data to check whether there is any issue with the connection.

You can also turn off your wifi router till all the lights are out and then turn it on again in case you find any problem with your internet connection. 

5. Workaround For BM2101 Error In F1 TV

This workaround is only applicable for iOS devices so if you are seeing the error BM2101 on your Apple devices then you can try this fix out.

  • Download Opera Browser.
  • Go to the F1 TV website from the Opera browser.
  • Enable the Desktop website option from Opera Menu from the bottom right corner.
  • Log into your F1 TV account.
  • Start streaming.
  • Get the view in full screen to access the default iOS video player view.
  • From there the AirPlay icon will appear and you can share it on the TV also if you want.

Note: to make the playback work in the background or with the screen off, you have to stay in full screen when quitting the browser or turning your screen off.

6. Contact The F1 TV Support Team

After you have tried all the solutions given in this section and you are unable to fix the error code BM2101 for your F1 TV then you can either wait till the technical team fixes the bug in the system or you can contact the F1 TV Support Team and ask them for help.