Fix: Diablo Immortal Unable To Merge Account

Diablo Immortal Unable To Merge Account

After countless delays, Diablo Immortal is now available in stores.

The game’s timeline is set out on the ultimate suspense environment created by the predecessor of the game, namely Diablo pet 2 and 3.

The game will be a fight amongst the ancient monstrous powers which are intended to destruct humankind upon the destruction of Worldstone. 

All that is required of the gamer is operational internet access.

The videogame is a Diablo-themed exciting, action-filled game wherein many players can play together.

Further, it is impressive that the game can be downloaded on mobile phones running Android and Apple software. 

Although the game has set high bars for its graphics and performance, there are certain errors and problems which the players encounter regularly.

Errors and fixes are part and parcel of the games in the industry.

This article will help you deal with errors related to merging your Diablo Immortal account.

What Does “Diablo Immortal Unable To Merge Account” Mean? 

Diablo Immortal is unable to merge accounts means that players are not able to merge their different accounts, such as guest and battle net accounts, together.

Diablo Immortal is played using the Battle net account or as a guest.

Players try and merge their accounts to save their progress in the game, even when they have played as a guest.

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However, several users are in danger of losing achievements owing to Diablo Immortal’s inability to integrate Battle.Net accounts.

Why Is Diablo Immortal Unable To Merge Accounts?

The reason for not being able to merge the accounts on Diablo Immortal are:

1. Difference In Region

Whenever a player transfers from one region to the next, carrying forward the initially created  Battlenet account there, this error happens. 

Typically the account doesn’t recognize changing nations Players are not notified when they attempt to migrate their profile from one area to another merely since the accounts are in separate regions.

2. Unable To Connect To The Account

Herein the error box pops up stating that the system is facing some issues while connecting to your account.

The problem lies in the servers of the game.

The players have nothing on their hands when dealing with such a problem.

How To Fix “Diablo Immortal Unable To Merge Account”?

The way to fix Diablo immortals unable to merge the account error is given below.

Fix 1: Make New Account

In case you keep encountering the error, you can make a new account that helps you replace this previous account.

However, you must note that making a new account will make you lose all the progress that you have made till now.

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It is often suggested that if the player wants to save their progress, then this fix is not recommended.

Fix 2: Change The Country

If you want to officially change the country and region for your account then you must change it from the settings of the Blizzard account.

Therein you should open your account and select the change in account details.

After this, select change in the player region.

Fix 3: Reboot Your Device

After encountering the error, you can put your device to the reboot option.

This will allow the default settings to take place, and if you were playing as a guest, then you will be losing all the data and progress you made on this game.

Fix 4: Talk To Customer Support

In case any of the above-mentioned methods didn’t work for you, you can also contact the diablo support team to explain your issue.

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An inter multiplayer interactive game called Diablo Immortal has caught the attention of players globally. 

Since it can be played across both Desktop and mobile devices, Diablo Immortal was developed with the demands of its users in mind.

As more difficulties arise daily for gamers, it is imperative that these bugs are quickly fixed.

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The Blizzard community is taking action to correct these mistakes.

But if you want to have a quick fix without making any delay apply these fixes.

However, you must note that you won’t be able to recover your progress after these fixes.

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