How To Fix BlueStacks Error Code 2004

Are you getting error code 2004 in BlueStacks?

The full error is “Something went wrong” followed by “Installation failed, Error Code: -2004” followed by “Could Not Install Game, Please try again later.

BlueStacks is a wonderful application that provides the solution to integrate Android applications on Windows PC and Mac OS.

If you want to experience the Android Application on a large screen with your PC, you can run the Android Application by installing BlueStacks Software.

You should have 8GB RAM to install BlueStacks Software to run the system smoothly. Else It will affect the system performance, and you might encounter BlueStacks Installation Errors.

What Is BlueStacks Error Code 2004

Bluestack Error code 2004 2

The error code 2004 in Bluestacks indicates that you attempted to install an app/ game, but Bluestacks 5 is not currently installed on your computer.

It is important to note that apps can only be installed through the Bluestacks 5 app player. To resolve this issue, you will need to install Bluestacks 5 on your computer.

Below are the possible reasons why BlueStacks Error code appears

  • Insufficient RAM or Disc space
  • You may not enable the Virtualization on your PC
  • Make sure the Software is BlueStacks 5, not BlueStacks x
  • Graphic driver or the OS is not Up to date
  • Antivirus settings may block BlueStacks
  • BlueStacks server may be down

How To Fix BlueStacks Error Code 2004

Before Installing the BlueStacks, ensure you have sufficient hardware configuration and enable the Virtualization on your system.

The system requirement for BlueStacks Software is

  1. You should need 8GB Ram to run BlueStacks.
  2. You should have Intel or AMD Processor
  3. You should have 5GB of Free desk space
  4. You must be the Administrator of the PC
  5. Up to Date Graphic drivers 
  6. You should enable Hyper V on your PC.

The official website for the latest version BlueStacks Application:

Let’s understand How to Fix BlueStacks Error

1. Check Hyper V Status On Your PC

If you have required system configurations already, then enable the Virtualization on your PC.

Step 1: Search for “Turn Windows features on or off” and click it on the search list. Windows feature dialogue box appears.

Step 2:Scroll down and check whether the below options are enabled.

  • Hyper V
  • Virtual Machine Platform
  • Windows Hypervisor Platform
  • Windows Sandbox
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux
Bluestack error Virtual machine installation enabled 1

If not enabled, Enable it now and restart your PC. Now try installing your BlueStacks or Launch game if you have installed the BlueStacks already.

2. Run As Administrator

Have you installed the BlueStacks Software as Administrator?

After downloading the BlueStacks Software, always run it as Administrator, and you should have administrator permission on your PC.

  • Right-click on “Downloaded BlueStacks software” and Click “Run As Administrator”  to install the BlueStacks Software.

3. Free Up Your System Space

You need to free up RAM and Disk space.

Close all your Applications on your PC.

  • On run Application, Type %Tempe%, select all the files and press “Shift + Delete” on your Keyboard.
  • If you press “Shift + Delete”, the files will be deleted permanently without storing them in the trash.
  • Again, Open Run Application, Type %LocalApp%
  • Locate the BlueStacks folder and delete It completely
  • It will remove any uncompleted installations and corrupted files from the system.
  • Then Empty your recycle bin
  • Shut down your PC properly, wait 2 minutes and Power on your PC.
  • Now Install the BlueStacks Application.

You can install BlueStacks Application and launch your Game application on BlueStacks Application software successfully.

4. Repair Any Corrupted File On Your System

Any corrupted file on the system may block your BlueStacks Software from being installed. Here are the steps to clear the corrupted file.

  • Type “CMD” on your Search bar and right-click on the “Command prompt” on the search list.
  • Click “Run as Administrator.
  • Then copy and paste the below link to scan the broken files.
  • Command: “sfc/scannow“. The verification process takes some time to complete the scan.
  • Once 100% completed, you will get a message that the corrupt files on your system have been found and automatically repaired.
bluesatckerror Clear currupted file

5. Antivirus May Protect Your System From Installing

If You have any Antivirus installed in your system. Try disabling it temporarily and install the BlueStacks5 Software to your PC.

Suppose you can Install BlueStacks 5 software and Launch your game application successfully. Then you confirm that the Error is with your Antivirus software.

Due to some reason, it is blocking you from installing the BlueStacks Application.

 Check your Antivirus software settings from the Official BlueStacks website:

6. Check For OS Update

Bluestack error check for update 1

Updating OS will help you to fix any security issues or broken modules inside the OS file.

  • Type “Check for Update” on the search bar and select the check for update option from the search list
  • Click the “Check for update button” and wait for the system to install the new updates.
  • It takes some time to update depending on the fix.
  • Once completed, You will get a Green check mark near title. Then, restart your PC.

Then check for Graphic card updates.

7. Update Your Graphics Card

You cannot install or Launch you BlueStacks Software if your Graphic card is outdated.

When you try to Install the BlueStacks Software with Graphic card issue, it will flashes the series of error codes.

The good news is you don’t need an expert hand to update your drivers. 

Here are a few simple steps.

First, You need to check your processor, whether it is Intel or AMD

How to check my Processor or Type:

  • Right-click on “This PC” and Select “System Properties”.
  • Check the processor type.
Bluestack error Processor detaisl

Since AMD and Intel are the most used processors, here are the steps to Update Intel and AMD graphic card drivers.

Updating Graphics Card for Intel:

  • Go to Intel’s official website and download the Intel driver and support assistant tool.
  • Intel Official Update page Link:
  • Install the Support Assistant tool and launch it to see the list of available updates on Your PC
  • Then Click “Download All.” Wait for the installation to complete. 
Bluestack error Intel dwonload

Updating AMD Graphic card

  • Go to AMD’s official website and download the Intel driver and support assistant tool.
  • AMD Official Update Link:
  • Once the download is completed, launch the AMD Driver Update Tool.
  • The AMD Driver Update Tool will automatically complete all the Driver installations.
Bluestack error AMD dwonload

If you have any other processor, go to their official support page to install and update the Graphic card on your Windows PC.

Now you can successfully install and launch the game application on BlueStacks Application.

8. Other Hardware Fixes

One more hardware fix you can do if nothing above methods works.

Run your OS on Safe mode with the internet and open your BlueStacks Software. If it works fine, you must upgrade your RAM OR Disk Storage.

If you are using System, Clean your CPU Unit with a blower and launch your BlueStacks Application. For the Laptop, you need to reach out to service experts.

I hope you found this Article helpful and finally launched your BlueStacks Software and your favourite game successfully.

If you have any queries regarding the BlueStacks Software, leave your comment below.

We will be happy to assist you.