How To Delete DigiLocker Account?

Delete Digilocker Account

Do you want to delete your Digi locker account? If yes, you are at a prominent place. Here, we come up with this guide where you get the easy steps to delete the account without any stress. 

Meanwhile, DigiLocker is one of the leading applications that promote Digital India’s mission and allow individuals to secure their important documents and ID proofs.

This app is convenient for people as with the use of this app; people are not supposed to carry paper at all times. It comes with many advantages but if you want to delete the account, follow this guide! 

Well, DigiLocker was inaugurated by the government to kick off paperless work, and there’s no guaranteed way to delete the account. As the DigiLocker account is linked with your Aadhar card, so all the details are uploaded automatically. 

But, for a valid reason, you can delete the DigiLocker account by sending mail. Through this method, there’s an 80%-90% chance that the account will get deleted by the team. If your account on DigiLocker gets deactivated, you are lucky enough! 

Steps To Delete DigiLocker Account:

  • Step 1: Login into DigiLocker Account

To delete the DigiLocker, you have to log in with an email id to send the mail. 

  • Step 2: Compose an Email

After login into the Gmail from which you want to send the request, click on the compose button and write a mail. 

  • Step 3: Request to Delete DigiLocker Account

Now, you have to write “Request to delete my DigiLocker account” in the subject section and also write a valid or genuine reason. 

  • Step 4: Send the email

After composing an email, send it to ‘ ‘. You will receive a confirmation mail if your account gets deactivated permanently. 

Note: There will be no guarantee that your DigiLocker account will get deleted or not, as the application itself doesn’t provide any option to delete the account. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it Safe to Use DigiLocker? 

DigiLocker is a safe platform to upload your important documents, and without any doubt, you can use this application. 

What kind of Documents can I Upload on DigiLocker? 

You can upload images, Id proofs, and important documents such as Aadhar cards, licenses, pan cards, and so on. 

Can I Open a DigiLocker Account Without having an Aadhar card? 

No, the Aadhar card is the primary document that requires opening an account on DigiLocker. 


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