Referrals referals is one of the most popular platforms for creating a crypto portfolio.

The platform supports about 200 cryptos and has a user base of 10 million users. provides a number of services related to crypto.

Through, the users can buy and make payments using crypto and also get into advanced trading. 

The platform provides facilities & benefits of all sorts- from basic levels to pretty good ones like allowing businesses to make payments in crypto.

And, even though garners a huge customer base due to these facilities and convenience in its platform, it still offers sign-up bonuses to people. 

What Is Referral Code?

Referral codes on are unique codes that provide benefits and bonuses to the user. runs various referral programs wherein the users can benefit by sharing the referral codes with people.

The codes benefit the referrer as well as the referee.

Requirements Of The Referrer For Referral Bonus

The referrer should be:

  • Successfully KYC verified at the advanced level.
  • Should have staked at least 1000 CRO on the exchange.

If you’ve not met these conditions and you have participated in this referral program, your benefits will be put “on hold.” Once the conditions are met, the benefits will be awarded.

Though, in this case, you may not receive the trading commission.

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How To Add Referral Code?

When you sign up to the exchange platform using a referral code/link, you’re eligible to receive up to $50 worth of CRO.

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There are two methods for people who are new to to claim the best sign-up bonus.

The Following are the Sign up Bonus

Sign up bonus Requirements
CRO (USD equivalent) Referee’s first CRO stake
$10 Staked 1000-4999 CRO
$50 Staked 5000 CRO

To avail of the signup bonus, sign up and create a new account on the exchange platform and enter the referral code.

The steps are:

If you’re an existing user

  • Visit the signup page of the exchange platform (
  • Click on “Continue as App User.”
  • Verify your registered email.
  • Tap on “Submit.”
  • You’ll be sent a confirmation link on your registered email. Check your email inbox, open the link and confirm your details including the text box for referral ID.

If you’re a new user

  • Visit the official website of (
  • Click on the sign up button present in the top right corner of the site.
  • Fill the form and add all the required information correctly. verifies all the information added as it is a regulated platform.
  • Enter the referral code when asked.
  • Complete the entire sign up process and the required verification checks.
  • Use the platform and meet all the conditions as stated in the referral code, if any, to receive your benefits.

Your bonuses will be added once you’re done with the process.

You can also join the referral program to enjoy additional benefits.

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What If I Forgot To Add A Referral ID While Signing Up But I Was Referred By An Exchange User?

You are given a 10-day window to add referral ID since the day of your account accretion.

The steps to add referral ID are:

  • Login to your account.
  • Go to the “referral” page.
  • Click on the “referral program” tab.
  • Click on “enter a referral code here.”
  • Enter the referral code in the following pop-up.
  • Click on “Submit.”

What Is Referral Program? runs a referral program that users can use to receive a significant amount of additional benefits.

As per the latest updates on the website, a person can get rewards of up to $2000 in CRO. this is for every friend you refer along with 50% of their trading fees.

Features of the referral program:

  • No referral limit: so, you can refer to as many friends as you like. Both you and your friend will be rewarded upon completing the requirements.
  • Instant bonus credit: the bonuses are instantly credited to the accounts of the referrer & referee as soon as the conditions are met.

What Are The Rewards Of Successfully Referring People On The Exchange Platform?

The following are the rewards you receive from the platform once you meet all the prerequisite conditions.

The conditions are:

  • The referee signs up, passes the KYC process and performs the tasks required.
  • You meet the conditions of a referrer.
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Then the bonus in CRO credited to your account based on the amount staked by the referee’s first CRO staked amount are as follows: referral bonus (USD equivalent) Referee’s first CRO stake 
$10 Staked 1000 CRO
$50 Staked 5000 CRO
$100 Staked 10,000 CRO
$200 Staked 50,000 CRO
$400 Staked 100,000 CRO
$800 Staked 500,000 CRO
$1000 Staked 1,000,000 CRO
$2000 Staked 5,000,000 CRO

How To Refer Others To

Following are the steps to follow to refer others to

  • Login to your exchange account.
  • Go to the referral page.
  • Copy your referral code/link
  • Share the code/link with your friends.

Can I Receive The Referral Bonus If I Do Not Meet The Conditions Of Referral Program?

Referrers can share their referral codes with their peers irrespective of whether they meet the conditions or not.

The rewards are put on hold and are granted once you meet the conditions.

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Does The CRO Received As Bonus Count In The Staking Requirement?

No, the CRO received as a reward does not count towards the staking requirements.


The platform runs multiple referral code programs.

These referral [programs provide a significant amount of benefits & bonuses to the users.

The users can participate in these referral programs easily and enjoy the benefits.

The platform transfers these benefits instantly as soon as the required conditions are met.

Note: The referral / referred bonus may change from time to time.

Always check for latest bonus program.

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