How To Cancel Vivamax Subscription?

how to cancel vivamax subscription

Vivamax is a video streaming platform that enables the viewers to watch various Filipino movies, TV series, videos, etc., only after having a subscription.

Since January 29, 2021, it has been creating wonders in the Philippines and positively fulfilling Boss Vic Del Rosario’s dream of bringing high-class entertainment to the Filipinos there and worldwide. 

It was launched by VIVA, and since then, it has been evolving into a giant platform that is currently having 2.5 million subscribers.

It is turning out to be a healthy competition for the video streaming giants like Netflix, Hulu, etc. Not only this, but it also possesses some original Pinoy movies that are a cherry on top.

If you also want to get a Vivamax subscription, we can help you with the process. 

How To Cancel Vivamax Subscription?

To have access to the entertaining world of Vivamax, one needs to have a subscription, and this will enable them to dive into this world and watch unlimited blockbuster movies, documentaries, concerts, talk shows, etc.

Vivamax provides a free trial to the new users who acquire the membership. The free trial will last till the mentioned time period.

If one wishes to cancel the subscription, he/she may cancel it 24 hours before the day on which the trial ends. Otherwise, he/she will be charged fully according to the plan they selected.  

For canceling the Vivamax subscription for which a direct payment method was done, the following steps need to be considered:

Step 1: Open The Preferable Browser On Your PC/Laptop/Phone

Open any browser like google chrome, safari, etc. Search for the website Vivamax. Open the website.

Step 2: Go to the “My Profile” Page On The Website

Follow the instructions as mentioned there to unsubscribe from Vivamax. Make sure the cancellation of the subscription is made 24 hours before the billing date so that another incurring bill is avoided.

Therefore, Vivamax provides justifiable terms and conditions for subscribing as well as unsubscribing from the platform.

How To Cancel Vivamax Subscription On iPhone?

To cancel your Vivamax subscription on iPhone, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Your Apple App Store

Go to the Apple app store and tap on your profile in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 2: Tap on “Manage Subscriptions.”

Under the profile tab, choose the manage subscription option. Both your active and expired subscriptions would be visible now. From your active subscriptions, tap on Vivamax.

Step 3: Choose Cancel Subscription

Look for the Vivamax subscription and Select “Cancel Subscription,” and your subscription will be canceled successfully.

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How to Unsubscribe From Vivamax GCash?

Vivamax has been outshining every other app on the Google play store by becoming the leading entertainment app in a very short span of time.

With success comes various new and important opportunities, and it seems that Vivamax is not leaving any opportunity behind to be the best of the best. 

It has partnered with SM Retail and its 600 outlets, Grab Philippines, and Globe telecom to make accessing content easy for its viewers. It has also made sure that various diverse payment options are available for the subscribers like Gcash, Visa/ Mastercard, Paymaya, etc. 

To unsubscribe from Vivamax Gcash, the following steps need to be taken care of:

Step 1: Open The Google Play Store

Tap on the icon which represents your google account in the upper right-hand corner. From the drop-down, select “Payments and subscriptions.”

Step 2: Go To “Subscriptions.”

Select your active Vivamax subscription that is visible there. Then, select “Cancel subscription” present at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Confirm Your Action

A pop-up appears suggesting you pause your subscription and tap on “No Thanks.” Select one of the reasons that make you cancel the subscription. Finally, Click on “cancel subscription,” and your subscription to Vivamax Gcash will be canceled.

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Vivamax has been growing tremendously as a platform that provides not only entertainment but also efficiency, credibility, and security to its users.

It gives a clear insight into the steps that need to be followed to, whenever any task is to be done revolving around the features that it provides. 

Therefore, Vivamax accomplished every definition of being a good and credible organization as a whole, which is one of the great reasons for its becoming a brand name.