Full Form of BPL

BPL Full Form

What is the Full Form of BPL?

BPL full form is Below Poverty Line. 

Whether it’s about modern technology or our day-to-day lifestyle, we have walked so far through the alley of prosperity and capitalism. But yet, poverty has not been eradicated from the core of this modern society. Since the 90s, more than 1.2 billion people have rallied in extreme poverty. Still, more than 9.2% of the total global population withstands under the poverty line, which is undoubtedly a matter of concern. 

Below Poverty Line Highlights

  • BPL is a financial measure or bar associated with a certain amount of income.
  • The BPL is primarily adjusted by the World Bank for the global economy and that is also sometimes fixed by the nationwide government of different countries for themselves only.
  • This concept of the Below Poverty Line is also helpful to recognize the financially vulnerable folks in instantaneous requirements of government support.
  • All those people whose earnings are under the fixed parameter regarding income associated with the notion of BPL, practically fall under the BPL.

New BPL Standards

The global poverty line needs to be remodeled occasionally as the cost of living is rising day by day and also the worldwide cost of living is different and it’s also evolving. 

Focusing on these facts and also considering some other parameters in October 2015 the global poverty line was updated to $1.90 per day from its previous estimated $1.25 per day.

Base of the new Below Poverty Line Measurement Concept 

  • Almost every nation has its national concept of BPL. It helps to indicate the stria below which a citizen can’t fulfill his minimum basic necessities like nutrition, clothes, and shelter, etc. Richer countries incline toward higher poverty lines, whereas poorer nations have lower poverty lines.
  • In 2015, to determine the global BPL standards, the world bank considered the poverty line of the 15 poorest countries since 2005 and estimated the Concept of the poverty line of $1.90 per day per person.

How many people are living Below the Poverty Line worldwide?

Worldwide almost 689 to 700 million people fall under the Below poverty line as they are surviving on less than, $1.90 per day, 

Almost two-thirds of this 9.2% global population, who appear below the Poverty Line(BPL) are youth or children. Also if we pertain to the regional scenario we will see that the situation of women is most vulnerable.

Are the Poverty Standards same in every country?

No, the Poverty lines are not identical for all the countries. Because in the case of higher-income and developed countries, the cost of surviving is more and due to this also the poverty standard is higher in those countries as compared to a developing country.

However, the World Bank has introduced the concept of the median poverty line in 2017. It also grouped the country into three categories to make the estimation of the BPL easier. Categories of these countries are

  • Low-income countries
  • Middle-income countries
  • Higher-income countries

Also, the world bank has set different Poverty lines for different countries and these are as follows. 

  • For a single person $1.90 per day. (being 33 low-income countries)
  • For per person $3.20 per day(for 32 lower-middle-income countries)
  • $5.50 per person per day(for 32 upper-middle-income countries)
  • Per person $21.70 per day(for 29 high-income countries)

The Present Situation of Poverty Eradication Missions

Eradication of poverty by 2030 is a part of the United Nations’ sustainable development Goals.