Andrew Tate’s Final Message

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On August 23, 2022, Andrew Tate published a “Final message” to his Rumble followers, saying that many of his statements, which have been extensively condemned for being sexist, were “taken out of context.”

Tate’s video is one hour and thirteen minutes long of himself talking in front of a camera.

It comes after he was banned from Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube for breaking the networks’ hate speech standards.

He was previously banned from Twitter in 2017 after tweeting that women should “bear some blame” for sexual assault.

Andrew Tate’s Final Message

Below is full transcript of Andrew Tate’s Final Message video:

I was thinking for a long time how to start this video.

Because it needs to be concise and compenduous.

But I also wanted to be very very comprehensive.

And I guess the best place to start is at the beginning.

There’s been many different versions of my life story which have been put on the internet as of

late and for many years ago.

But I’m going to give a very very quick overview of my story.

My life has always been difficult. I’ve certainly had a difficult life.

I preach to the people who follow me that as a man trauma and difficulty is extremely important because it’s the building blocks for mental fortitude and physical fortitude.

So I’m very very happy that my life has been difficult because it’s impossible to become a capable man or a man of my capability without struggling with facing serious adversities without trying to overcome often insurmountable odds I grew up in south side of Chicago.

I’m obviously a person of color.

I was bullied in school to a degree and my father always taught me to stick up for myself.

I was never allowed to run and cry to Authority.

I was told that if someone wants to mess with you or come at you.

You can’t always go. Tell the teacher.

Sometimes you have to deal with it.

I was actually picked on by these two these two kids.

When I was riding the school bus home.

I think I was around five and they were around seven.

They were a bit older than me and they used to pick it pick on me on the school bus they’d sit behind me.

Throw things at me. Hit me Etc.

And I came home and I told my dad about it.

I said Dad these two kids are picking on me every single time I get to school bus.

I don’t know what to do.

And my dad said I’m not going to call the teacher.

Because the teacher I own the bus and I’m not gonna call the school bus driver because they’re busy driving son.

If you want to deal with this you’re gonna have to deal with it yourself.

And I said, but Dad they’re bigger than me what you want me to do. There’s two

of them and they’re bigger than me.

And at the time I just come home from school and I was holding a

lunch box. My dad pointed and said you have a lunch box on.

Teach them.

So weeks had passed it was a few weeks. They kept

picking on me kept picking on me and I felt myself sitting there getting more

insecure in the rage was boiling inside of me. And one day one of them slapped me

in the side of the face from behind. I was sitting on the chair slap me

in the face from behind.

And instantly I don’t know what it was. But this

was the day I had enough and I turned with my lunchbox and

swung it over the back of the school bus

chair and called him and busted his eye plastic Batman

lunch box hit him in the eye and blood

started squirting everywhere all the children start screaming.

And as I did this to Boston just come up to a stop. It was a few stops before

my stop but it had stopped and as the bus stopped and

screaming happened. I just got up and I ran and I just

ran off the bus and ran home. I’ve never run so fast.

Or so far in my life. I was full of adrenaline. I

just ran ran ran ran.

When I got home.

I had blood on my clothes my dad looked at me. So what

happened I said

That kid, I won’t say his name. I said his name at the time. I said that kid hit

me in the face and I just I had enough of getting hit in

the face.

And I was still holding.

The lunch box, but it was all smashed up

where I’d hit him with it.

And my dad kind of smiled a little bit and said don’t worry, son.

Get in the car got in the car. We went to Walmart. We walked

up and down the aisle.

And he looked and picked up another lunch box and

exact replica of the same blue Batman lunch box gave it

to me and said I’ll buy you as many of

these as you need.

And that was the last we spoke of it.

Funnily enough. I never saw that kid again. I don’t

know if he changed schools. I don’t know what his parents did but I

never saw that child again.


even from a very very young age. I was taught that

going to Authority and crying and hoping

someone else is going to fix your problems.

Is not the way a man should conduct himself.

when I left


I moved to Luton England, which was multiplying times

voted the worst town in England. It’s a high crime rate. It’s

a very bad area.

My mother and father broke up, so I

was in a single mother household.

And now I’m a person of color and a single

mother household.

I’m also the only American at the time in Luton

and I had again repeat problems

in school. I was picked on for being the only American I

was picked on for not knowing things. I should have

known because I hadn’t been through the English educational system. I’ve been to the American

educational system.

And I had trouble in school again, but I stuck up

for myself. Unfortunately, nothing got violent any point

when people made fun of me. I stood up and said listen don’t make fun of me.

I’m from a different place and I talk differently and I always understood


Standing up for yourself. I never went to the teacher. I never cried to anybody

else. I just stood up for myself and over time people weren’t respect

for me and my boundaries and they were very respectful of


And I had a very positive experience from

then on out in school by simply standing up for myself because this

is how I was taught to act in high school. I ended

up having a reputation of a guy that nobody really messed with I certainly

wasn’t a bully absolutely the opposite but

no one really picked on me. I actually had a friend in

school who was gay.

I had five main friends in school and I was

also friends with a gay guy.

And he would make fun of me.

for being American

and I would make fun of him for being gay back then but the world was a very very different

place. This is many many years ago and we had

friendly banter back and forth, but we were very good

friends and I stuck up for him and prevented anyone else

picking on him all of the time.

And the banter between us the locker room


Which would be considered absolutely unacceptable today at the

time was very very normal. And we had a great time. We were

good friends and I heard from him actually.

After this band and he said you should mention the fact that the

things they say about you completely aren’t true.

And this leads me on to the reason. I believe these narratives

have managed to gain such a foothold in popular


Due to the fact that managed to develop an iron mind.

Because I’m probably the only individual on Earth

who can be vilified to this level without

taking personal insult and

without being emotionally affected.

What I’ve done is I’ve allowed certain narratives to

gain traction, which I shouldn’t have allowed to gain traction because

they didn’t personally bother me because I know they

are false.

I live with a very very pure heart.

I’m a religious man.

I go to church and anyone who follows me.

In detail knows I donate huge sums of money to the church.

And as long as I knew the truth of my heart and God knew the

truth of my heart. I wasn’t interested in lies being


I Now understand that’s wrong because even though I’ve done

nothing wrong.

even though it doesn’t emotionally affect me even though

God and myself know what my innocence

the public Consciousness has been polluted to a

point where narratives are being purported where your

absolutely and utterly false.

And it’s having a genuine negative impact on

the people who I care about.

And the people who care about me.

And despite the fact that doesn’t emotionally affect me as a

man. I have a duty to protect all of those I love and for

this reason these narratives have started to become very very harmful.

I was on the understanding that on the internet people don’t like you.

It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter

what you say. There’s going to be some people who don’t like you and the

people who don’t like you are not interested in the truth.

What they are interested in is finding some lie that

they can latch onto and accelerating that


On as much as possible via their platforms

to try and paint a negative picture of you because they don’t like you.

a lot of these


Against me are disguised under the

virtue of caring about women.

But none of these people who are attacking me care about women. None of

them donate to women’s cherries. None of them donate to charity like

I do none of them help anybody like I do.

I’m about to show later on this video proof of

the massive work I do for helping people. They don’t

help anybody.

All they do is just attack me and use fake

virtue the fact they pretend to care

as a reason to attack somebody who they personally don’t

like and it’s very very different to actually care about

an issue or weaponize an issue and pretend to

care to try and damage. Someone else’s life. These are

very very different things.

And this is the reason why I have not tried.

To dispel these myths as hard as I could have

because I understood that these people are always going to hate me and they’re

always going to lie about me no matter what I

say or do.

But considering in light of the final ban.

And considering I have the public Consciousness. I think

it’s extremely important that for myself and for my

family and for people I care about

That I tell the truth and I make the truth

known to the world because that is the only intention in

my video is to sit and tell the truth and the

fact that I’m a very very iron minded individual who is

not negatively affected by these. Smear campaigns is not

reason enough for me not to sit take time and dispel

all the negative things which are said about me.

I am fully aware.

that not everybody is going to agree with why I say

I don’t think there’s a person on the planet you can find who

has a 100% approval rate.

There’s always going to be somebody who disagrees with

what you say. If I said the Earth was round there would

be a contingent of individuals on the planet who disagree

with me.

I have no problem with people disagreeing with me. I have

no problem with being seen as controversial for some of

the things I’ve said.

However, I do have two significant problems.

I would like to address.

First is I do not like absolute and utter lies

being told about me. I do not like having

long form video of me cut up

elements taken out of context the tonality

of the joke removed and purporting an image of me. That

is not true. That’s something I do not like

I do not like false accusations of criminal activity. That’s another

thing that I really do not like.

I am totally aware that not everybody’s gonna

like me.

I have no problems with that. I think anyone who decides to

get big on the internet needs to be very very prepared for I contingent

of people to not be happy with what they say. I could

make a YouTube channel dedicated to the fact that I believe the

world is round and there would be a large or semi-large

proportion of people who would disagree with me. I don’t

think there’s a single creator online that has a 100%

approval rate.

I have a lot of people who love what I say. I have a lot of fans

a lot of people are dedicated to my channel and I have

a lot of positivity online and I have a small contingent of

people who are very very offended by what I say.

We often talk about in the modern world, the inclusivity

of different cultures different ways of life

different sexual orientations and how

we need to be tolerant and understanding of all these

different people’s life paths and by extension, they’re different

ways of viewing the world. I’m a unique

individual as is everybody else and I have a unique life

path that has led me to Unique points of view. I think

that all of the people who disagree with me are

very very welcome to disagree with me because they have had a unique life

path and a different point of view and I respect that absolutely I

would never shout for any of the

people who disagree with anything I say to be silence or canceled because

I don’t think that helps the

world. I think that discourse is always going to

be the way that we lead ourselves to the truth. And if anybody has


Contrary to say about any of my points of view. I

welcome it. I like to hear it. And as

long as it’s in a respectful and adult manner, I often platform it

as on my platforms as much as possible so I can

sit and discuss and I can learn things.

Because if I have a point of view and someone challenges it in a

very adult correct logical way very often. I

have changed my point of view and this is really really good for

me as a person to grow and for the audience to grow

and I know I’ve changed many other people’s minds when they’ve

come to debate with me and this is the beauty of Being Human

So I have no problem with being disliked. I do have a problem with a

few things. I have a problem with long format things.

I’ve said being taken out of context.

taking a small clip from a two-hour piece of video

then with careful editing removing of tonality

and changing my intention behind the words painting

me to be a criminal or a bad person when I’m


I do have a problem with false criminal accusations when

I do not have a criminal record and I have never

had a criminal record in any country on the planet. I do have a problem with

this. And also I have a problem with the fact that social media

has changed so much and modern times.

A lot of the things I said would that are

being used against me were said five or six years ago in Long

format video. And as of late with tiktok

with YouTube shorts with Instagram reels it’s

very very easy to take two hours of video.

Snip out ten seconds edit it

up quickly on a phone app and then blow it

up to millions and millions of views with all context removed

all to now that you removed and makes it look

like I’m saying things I did not say or I mean things I did not mean and

this is something that I can’t control.

I became the most Googled man on the planet and to a

degree. I’m a victim of my own success because now people are trying to find

any little clip of anything I’ve ever

said remove all the tonality and just blow it

up to try and get views to be as controversial as possible. I understand

why they’re doing that they’re doing that because they want the

views for themselves, but they’re not taking into

consideration how that affects me and my Personal Image as a

whole and I think the things I’ve just highlighted has

now culminated and the media believing something about me

which is so pertinently false.

Based on videos. I have never even made.

purported and accelerated and

advertised by people who I don’t even know.

With such a small piece of video from me

with all context removed that I’ve

now become the number one villain of Earth and I truly believe that’s unjust

and I wanted to discuss that here and prove to

the world in my final message that I am

not any of the things I’ve been accused of regardless of

whether I am banned reinstated remain on social

media is completely beside the point. This is just a

matter of clearing the air while I have the national Consciousness. I was

massively a victim of my own success.

I decided.


accelerate my public Persona and

presence about six months ago.

And I was massively successful. I became

the most Googled man on the planet. I am

by the metrics.

Of the internet the most famous individual who is

currently alive in the world today.

That comes with a bunch of advantages and disadvantages.

We can go into those at depth.

The disadvantages are safety aspects safety concerns,

which we’re going to talk to about a bit later.

I’ve had serious threats on my life. I receive over

5,000 death threats per day. So do

people who I love and people I care about they also receive death threats.

The social media companies have yet to take any action against

this they were uninterested in trying to police this in any


The advantages are of course is that I have a massive effect on people.

And I have had.

Thousands of emails from men saying you’ve saved me

from depression you save me from suicide. You helped me

so much. The number one video on my YouTube channel. My

pinned video has been for over a year mind hacks

how to beat depression how to

feel better as a man.

Sitting there believing that depression is some monster from the sky

that strikes your brain. And now you have no control over and you must

take pills every day is the absolute enemy to

a g mindset. I don’t give a f***

how depressing my situation the only person who can

change it is me the only person who can change how I feel about

my situation or try and affect the situation directly is

me, even if you put me in a situation, I can’t change if you

put me in jail and depressed because I’m in jail. I still refuse to

succumb to depression. I refuse to collapse mentally

and give up. I know the only person who

control my mind is me. Nobody’s coming to save me

as a man who’s been through such a difficult life. I think

I have a very intimate understanding of difficulty and

how to grow as a man.

And how to become the kind of man that can handle

a difficult life because this has been my life path. This is

what God chose for me and this is what I’ve been teaching and

I have affected positively millions of

people and I’m immensely proud of that. I truly

am however people couldn’t stop talking

about me and when people were talking about me, they

weren’t doing it out of love for me. They weren’t

doing it because they cared about

me the main reason people were talking about me so

extensively because they cared about their own channels their

own views, they wanted their own

clicks and they understood that if they can make a YouTube

video purporting a lie about me or saying bad

things about me. It’s more likely to get clicked. It’s

more likely to get watched. It’s more likely to get

shared expose Andrew Tate. Is

this expose a Andrew Tate is that

and what’s happened is people through their own selfish desires

of trying to

piggyback off the back of my massive Fame and

becoming the most famous man on the planet have decided that making a

bunch of negative videos is a fantastic way for them to

personally gain clout and personally gain views

and clicks, which is what the internet is about and we

ended up in a situation where

Videos of me from long ago are being

taken out context purposefully to try and purport an

area which is not true because people understand that’s a very easy way

for them to gain some clout and Leach off of My Success. That’s all fine.

Like I said, I have no problem with people disagreeing to me being disliked Etc.

However, when it has an effect to

this magnitude Ryan genuinely seen

as a negative bad influence on the world when all

of the emails I receive from people who watch

me are positive saying that I’m helping people how I’ve

helped their mind. I’ve cured their depression.

It’s really strange to experience such a disconnect

to have 98% of

the people who email you say how fantastic you are

and how much you help them and then 2% of

unknowns threatening your life.

And then everyone I meet on the street saying such

amazing things since I’ve become the most famous man on the planet. I have

never once had a negative experience in real life. Everybody who

meets me is very respectful.

Fan we take pictures. We shake hands. Nobody has screamed

at me in public. Nobody’s come up to me and called me names in public.

Nobody said I’m wrong. I’ve been to over 20 countries.

I’ve never had a single negative in-person experience ever.

So the people love me.

At the same time the media is saying I’m hated. It’s a

very strange disconnect. I’ve been experiencing.

And a lot of that has been purported and accelerated by the fact that people are

trying to gain views on their own channels separate to

me. Nothing to do with me by accelerating lies.

It’s also

an interesting case study into internet Mass hysteria, right?

If 50 videos come out saying Tate’s a

bad guy. It takes a lot of Bravery for someone to come out and

say Kate’s not a bad guy despite the evidence. I can

show evidence to the contrary of these negative narratives for

the end of time. But if somebody can see

if a YouTube Creator or a content creator can see if you

make a negative video about Tate you get a bunch of clicks and everyone

else did it. Well, then I may as well do it.

They don’t sit there and go. What about Andrew? What about the

truth of this? What about the effect on his life? What about

the effect on his experience of of the world that doesn’t

come into consideration? What comes into consideration is everyone else

did this and got a bunch of views? I want a bunch of views and

even though what they’re saying is false, even

though some of them know its false.

Some of them may not but the ones who are well researched know it’s

a lie, it’s very very tempting for them to

sit there and do it anyway because there’s no repercussion. There’s

no downside to them all that’s gonna happen

is they’re gonna get a bunch of clicks a bunch of views a bunch of

comments a lot of people defending me because they know it’s not true. A lot

of people agreeing with them who are less researched. They’re going

to completely benefit and the only person who’s going to suffer is me.

And because I have an iron mine that I wasn’t emotionally affected by

this and I understood the nature of the internet. I didn’t try

to combat it too hard. I didn’t know exactly what I should

do because I had already told the truth on repeat many

many times, but nobody would acknowledge it

they would just ignore it because it got more clicks to purport the

lies, so I fought

That’s the nature of the internet. I’ve never been this famous

before I guess that’s just how it goes. Unfortunately now public

Consciousness via the media has

Genuinely bought into a construct where people believe

I’m somehow dangerous when all I have done is save

people from depression.

we talk about

men’s Mental Health

We patty pimlic just fall and talk about if you if you

have trouble with men’s mental health come forward. As I said women talk to

each other the there’s no statement on women. They sit

around and have a cup of tea and have a jungle.

True that meant men. Don’t not men feel

like oh, I can’t go and show you that to him because you’ll think I’m a little mushroom.

I mean, that’s what men think but as I said in the cage that much rather

my friend comes to me and speak to me and cry on my shoulder then.

Me after cry when I’m carrying his coffin

a week later. I just wanted to show the world that it

mental health could bring somebody’s big as me and

as strong as me and you know, the stereo type heavyweight champion of the world.

To my knees, then it could bring anybody to the knees Tyson Fury

talk about it. I talk about it.

Everyone tries to talk about it and everyone says men,

you should talk more talk to us.

I try and encourage men to be strong. I say

listen, if you’re depressed you need to get into the gym a strong body is

a strong mind. I sit there and by using my

lifestyle which is an aspirational lifestyle that most

men would love to have purely because of the finance

to cars to Freedom Etc. I encourage people

to work hard and try their best to become the best

version of themselves.

And men are encouraged to talk and open up. But when

I talk an open up and get massive influence and start helping people they’re

going to silence me.

I’ve been nothing but a net positive for the world.

That’s truly how I view myself and that’s absolutely not

only the truth.

However, I am very understanding of

a changing social media landscape and I’m also very

very understanding of my fame changing and by

extension. I have some responsibility to


I am a man who believes that he is

responsible for everything. I think as a man, you should take

complete responsibility for your entire reality. It doesn’t

matter if I’m struck by lightning that is my fault.

That’s who I am as an individual and it’s been one

of my keys to success to never blame luck Denver blame

anybody else to only blame myself. So despite everything.

I’ve just said I still blame myself.

And because my rise has been so meteoric

because I’ve become so famous so quickly and because

I’ve been producing content for so long, even though

I take absolute responsibility. I’m in

a difficult scenario where

videos that were made five or six years ago in long form are now

being cut into five seconds accelerated and

purported now in line with my new line Fame. I can’t

stop that happening. But I also understand I

have a degree of responsibility, right because I’m the most influential person

on the planet.

So my responsibility is to

make sure that any kind of negative connotations in

my messaging are removed. I want to stick to my

message. I don’t want to backtrack. I still

want to Champion men’s issues. I still want to Champion physical

and mental strength. I still want to Champion the protection

of women. I still want to do that. However, I must

be ultra aware of how I do that because it

would be unprofessional of me.

As a man to sit and say that my messaging does

not have to change in line with my fame.

The way you can say things in a video that gets 500 views is

very different than the way you can say things in a video that gets

500 million views or 50 million views. You have

to change your messaging the more people you reach

the more important it is that people do not take your things out of

context, right? If not point one percent of people misunderstand

you on a 500 person video that will

not have a large effect on the world, but if not point one percent

of people misunderstand you on a video that has 50 million views now

you start to affect the world in the negative way. So

I have to be very very careful in line

with my new found Fame and it’s difficult because in

the world I’m in if I sit down and do a three

hour podcast

It’s my job to be entertaining.

And I want to give exciting answers and interesting insights. I

think the reason people follow me is because I have a

very firm understanding of the English language a very

good grass of the way to construct sentences how

to be motivating how to be compelling.

And I do that on purpose but it’s also very difficult

for me regardless of my intellect to now sit

at podcast be interesting be

exciting give a compenduous and concise

answer at the same time be wary

that in my one minute answer at any

point six seconds worth of it can be taken snipped

used against me and weaponized.

I don’t know if my mind can handle all those tasks at

once. It’s not very often. I’m stumped but that is

becoming extremely difficult and I’m sitting here thinking I’ve

been offered massive podcast requests by

the biggest podcast in the world, and I’m thinking how can I answer questions?

How can I be responsible at all? Because

that’s what I am. How can I be a professional take responsibility for

my level of Fame to make sure that nothing can be

taken out of context but still tell my truth and

still answer the questions but construct my sentences in

a way where they can’t be misrepresented at all.

And it’s hard.

Because I think any content creator who was

suffering from what I’ve suffered from if any content

creator got as large as I was and there was as many

people cutting up their videos as they were mine and those

people had a negative agenda. We could make Mickey Mouse

look evil. You could make anyone look bad.

I’m not saying I haven’t given them ammo. Of course. There’s been the odd

clip that made it easy for them. I’m saying if their intentions were to

be as provocative and negative as possible.

It can be done to anybody.

And that’s why now. I need to take a break from all the

podcasts. I’ve been invited on especially since I’ve been banned. I’ve

been invited on the largest Platforms in the world. I’ve had 100,000 emails

of support all the media channels want to

talk to me and I’m sitting here thinking I need

to make sure I’m not misunderstood.

And I have to really be careful about how I do that while

not backing down on my messaging.

While still Champion the things I Champion still

believing in myself, but making sure I’m not misunderstood.

And although I think on the internet I am one of the most respected.

Oratists that exist.

I now need to once again improve myself and

improve my skills and prevent anybody

being able to take me out of context. I

might have to form a new way for

sentences to be constructed. But if that’s what

it takes that’s what I intend to do because with great influence comes

absolutely not really great responsibility and I do understand

that and I will blame myself for the fact that people have

managed to do this to me regardless of the fact that

I did not want it to happen. So let me give a quick example of this.

Before I continue I want to say that I often speak

to the absolute beauty

of women. I have a very healthy relationship with

my mother. I have women around me who truly are

not really love me. I have very healthy relationships with females. I

have no criminal charges for crimes against


Nobody Has Come forward and accused me of sexual

misconduct. Please understand we’ll go

into the the Romanian house raid shortly,

but most people in my position of Fame have had

women come forward and say he raped me. I’m the most famous man

the planet there’s not single female whose face you can

name or whose face you can picture that’s come forward and said

I’ve raped her not single female has come forward saying I’ve

hurt her not one. There’s a video from 10

years ago. That showed me.

in a sexual act with one of my ex-girlfriends

I didn’t say the word list did.

I say listen really is recently about me and my ex-boyfriend

entertained. Andrew is my still great friend

what you guys saw on the video? It’s just what we used to

do. It was just pure game. He’s a great guy. He will

never hurt anyone.

Unless he’s fighting the left understand

that Kink shaming is a negative thing for my understanding.

She has come forward and said that it was all just

a game and still that video is being used and set

around the internet Sam woolenbeater. If I said it was a game

and she said it was a game who are other people

to then comment on our lives our private lives which

got leaked and tell us it’s not a game. It was between two consenting

adults and we decided to do something ourselves and we both agreed

it was fine and she is not come forward trying to accuse me

of anything. So who are others to do that?

That’s just kinkshaming.

Which does all it is.

So no women are accusing me of anything. No, women are accusing me

of misconduct. I Champion women all the

time I say about how they should be protected how beautiful

they are how much I love my grandmother because of the

amount children. She had my grandmother had nine children because

there was my father and an eight more they all

had a bunch of kids blah blah. I stood there and looked at

my 93 year old grandmother and there was a room a whole room full

with maybe 70 people that came from that

one woman.

Isn’t that remarkable that nobody cared about

her career? Nobody asked what job she did.

Nobody asked me time. She went to the club. Nobody asked

if she had time to go to festivals. No, you had seventy

sentient beings included myself full of

life from one woman who dedicate yourself to being a mother and and a good

and a good wife. That is beautiful. I talk

about how women are unique and special and

they can do things that men can’t do and still these clips

are taken out of context. Let me give you an example. I

absolutely not really love women. I have nothing against women. I believe

women are the most precious things on the planet. They create life. They should protected they provided

for I would never let a woman pay for a bill. I would

never let a woman if someone touched any of my woman, I would stand up

against 10 men by myself and risk my life to protect her. I believe

that women are Beautiful Creatures. I just don’t think that there

is emotionally calm as men and stressful situations. I don’t

think they can fight like a man can and for the same reason I would

never drop my children and all male Nursery. I think that’s strange

and weird. I would only drop them in all female Nursery women.

Do certain things and men do certain things.


I believe everything I said.

I believe in protecting women, I believe in Champion women I believe

in making sure that women are provided for.

However, that video was made when

I was far less famous.

In light of the things I just said to you earlier in this video. I understand that now.

As my fame grows, even though to me. My message

is very clear. A man has certain roles in society. A woman

has certain roles in society and when we work as a team when we love each other

Society is better as a whole. I think that these

views are

Not very controversial at all. I think they were mainstream only a

few years ago. I don’t think that their controversial most of

the people I meet in the world don’t think they’re controversial the women I hang

around with don’t think they’re controversial. Nobody on the street I’ve ever

met things circontroversial everybody agrees with me. However, the

way I’m saying it the way I’m getting the message across because I’m

trying to be as energetic as possible. I understand that

a small tiny percentage of people might misunderstand me

and that didn’t matter when I didn’t have any views. I didn’t

have any followers, but now on the most famous man in the world, I

have to be a lot more careful with how I say it but what’s really

worrying is this that clit? I would

like to think even my biggest haters can agree is a clip

that is positive about women as a whole.

Perhaps you may not like my tonality or the way, I structured certain

sentences. But as a whole I’m saying positive things

about women at one point during that

speech. I said women do certain things and men

do certain things.

That clip has been taken that cut of

my language men do certain things women do certain things somebody.

I have no idea who has made

a tiktok where it says men do certain things and

it shows videos of me driving around in cars spending money and

women do certain things and it shows women cleaning women

do certain things.

To men do certain things somebody off

their own back. Somebody else has made

that video. I didn’t tell them to I don’t know who they

are. I don’t know what they’re account is. It’s just viral on

the internet somewhere.

And now I look like I’m saying women should only clean and

men should only run around with cars and women and money.

I didn’t say that.

I didn’t say that at all. I said that women should be protected

and provided for but because the small clip was

taken out of context and used against me and weaponized

now, I look like I’ve said things I did not say and

no matter how positive my message about women if

the intention is to try and make me look bad even with

a clip like that. They found a way to make me look bad.

That’s the scary thing. That’s why I’ve

titled this video in my final message because I don’t know even with

my entire brain. I don’t know with my

with all of my genius intellect.

If I can find a way for nothing to

be used against me.

It’s extremely difficult one line out of context

has made me look bad and millions of people saw that

and people didn’t see the long format video and they’ve to deuced

that I hate women and that women should only clean when really I

was trying to stick up for and protect women and give my true views on women.

And this comes full circle to the Instagram ban.

I’m very understanding of why Instagram felt like it was

necessary to ban me. I am not mad at Instagram. I’m a

professional and as a professional I’m not an emotional

person. I do not do emotional responses. Although I

believe it’s unfair, although I believe I’ve

been unfairly vilified although I believe it’s not

the right thing to do because it doesn’t allow me to shift the

public Consciousness in a constructive manner.

Although I think it would have been better for them to say Andrew certain things

being taken out context. You need to be careful that doesn’t happen. A lot

of people listen to you and I could have become a champion for women’s


I am not emotional.

I understand why they did it because that’s

a perfect example of how people are desperate to try and make the things

I say look worse than they are and using social media platforms.

To purport negative views of women and it

doesn’t matter if it’s negative you of a woman negative. If you of men negative view

of a sexuality, it doesn’t matter what it is.

It should be stopped. I agree with that.

And Instagram or meta have a

responsibility to show that they are listening to the public. They

want to show that they’re listening.

I have some good people on the case and dialogue with

Instagram. I would like to open and we’ll proceed as

God sees fit if God believes that

I do not need an Instagram page and I will not have one.

If God believes I do then I shall this is not just about Instagram.

This is just me saying to Instagram that I totally understand.

I just want to make it clear that I didn’t want these things to

be said.

that clip

of the cleaning and me being taken out context has no

benefit for me.

Everyone dislikes me.

on the internet

Certain people watch it and know it’s not true. The ones who’ve watched

the longer format stuff of my videos and their fans of

mine fine. So certain people remain neutral because they know it’s false, but

people who don’t then dislike me my family gets

death threats. I get death threats. Hey, it’s spread

online. Like there’s no benefit for me if I could

stop that happening. I absolutely would.

Which is why I want to adjust my messaging and adjust the way

I talk. I don’t want that to happen. That doesn’t

help me. I would love that to never happen and Instagram

think the way for that to stop happening is to ban me.

I agree. It should stop happening, but I don’t think Banning me

is the answer.


there will always be someone else and there’ll be a new hate mob

and new out of context videos. And this is a

problem which is larger than Andrew take this is an internet problem. This

is a problem with short format video short attention spans. Nobody

looking into anything in detail things taken

out of context. This is a really big problem

that the world has to address that goes beyond me. And

if I’ve had to March or my presence on social media

to raise a conversation, which is going to

be a net benefit for the world as a whole that I’m

happy with that.

I’m happy if people go, you know what this happened undertale is now

happening to other people. We have to change the way we review censorship Banning

content creation content proportion

all these things. That’s fine. If that’s the

life path which has been chosen for me. I just want to get clear that I

don’t like when that happens.

I don’t want that to happen myself because I don’t gain anything from that.

On Instagram absolutely, no rules were


My captions were just poetry that I

wrote my pictures were just lifestyle.

Car houseboat. I never broke any

rules on Instagram. I never had any strikes. I never done anything wrong

on Instagram.

The Only Rule infringements on Instagram were

my comment section where hate mobs

inspired by these videos. We’ve been discussing these

videos which were deliberately taken out of context and

deliberately fictional.

Hate mobs were inspired at the end of YouTube videos to go to

my Instagram and insult me.

So the only infringements you would find on Instagram is

in my comment section where thousands of people who were sent by

random YouTubers who don’t like me would come threatened

to kill me.

Make mark my dead father friend to kill

my brother friend to kill my family threaten to find me.

These were the Only Rule infringements on Instagram things written

Against Me by other YouTubers telling

them to go and do it while all I wrote

is poetry and and on repeat multiple

times I said on my stories if you’re

going to defend me do it respectfully.

Even if people hate me even if they’re insulting me don’t insult

them back hate doesn’t beat hate. It just creates a brick

wall. If somebody says they hate me explain to

them calmly that they don’t understand the context show them a longer

format video show them how I stick up for marginalized people

explain. I’m a person of color and I’ve been marginalized in my childhood.

Show them how I had a gay friend when I was a kid show them how

I stick up for women. Don’t just reply saying you’re stupid. You

don’t know the truth. Don’t fight hate with hate. I was encouraging all

of my followers and all of my fans to be respectful people

even when sticking up for me once again,

trying to turn negativity into positivity via social


My Instagram had no infringements.

That was the only policy that was the only antipolic things on

the page things targeted against me and I

didn’t really I mean I didn’t really complained Instagram because I

wasn’t taught as a person to go complaining to Authority. I

thought this is the internet that’s how it works. Just ignore

it. Don’t worry about it soon the truth of your heart and

your character will come through soon. People will see the light and

they’ll change because that’s the way the world is people often

flip flop on issues. This is how things happen.

The Redemption Arc is going to be beautiful. I really

truly believe that within a few years people are

going to understand. I’m a Force for good in the world.



people say

well don’t have Tate as a real male role model. There’s better ones.

Where are they?

There are no other male role models.

Because to inspire the Youth of men you need

to be aspirational they have to look at you and want to

be like you and there’s no other male role models that

I’ve had the tenacity or the aggressiveness to have such a

fantastic life as I have.

That they are going to listen to me. They listen to me because of my authority

and my authority comes from my life experiences if my mentality

is so wrong. How have I managed to amass enormous wealth

have I managed to amass huge social status? How

am I managed to physically dominate the planet? I’ve done

things that men respect and they look up to me. So that’s why I

can lead them. And I understand my messaging should change in

light of the fact that I can be taken out of context but me

being alive on the internet will allow me to lead men in

a very positive direction Banning me and deleting me

leaves a black hole where they say, they’ll be another masculine

leader, but the men don’t listen the Youth

of today won’t listen to anybody else. That’s the reason I’m the most famous man in the

planet because none of these other people have the authority to affect them like I do, it’s

me or nobody and I truly believe that me

with reformed messaging now

understanding of my new found Fain is so much better

for the world than nobody because nobody just leads to black holes

of who knows what and it can’t be controlled. And that’s

for the internet is truly dangerous speaking of Instagram.

I was understanding in recent weeks of how these


Fictional stories of me were gaining traction and

I wanted to try very very hard to counter


I put a post on Instagram which you can see here.

We’re explained that the things I’ve said have been taking off context and just

because I Champion men’s rights does not mean

I dislike women. I think that men are underrepresented in

the world today and as people often say we men need

to speak up. I’m here speaking for the men. I’m here trying

to speak up people are speaking up because of me we’re raising important

issues in the world today because of me deleting me

and blocking me is only going to hurt men as

a whole and increase all the problems. We see with the Youth of the men today.

So I put a post up and I said listen people misunderstand me. I’m gonna

donate money to a female Cherry that supports women against domestic

violence, and I’m also going to donate money to a charity that supports

men’s mental health just because I support men doesn’t mean

I hate women. I love people I’m a person full

of love and I want people as a whole to elevate not just

men or women.

I promised a dollar to each charity for every like that’s two

dollars per like total one dollar to each Cherry at the

time of my Banning. I had 550,000 likes

or something like that, I believe and if I hear from Instagram,

what I would like them to do is to clarify the final

likes amount on that post so that I can

stick to my word because that’s what I am a man of my word. I was not doing

it purely just to post the receipt on social media. I was

doing it because I genuinely believe it’s a good thing to do.

And I would like Instagram to confirm the final amount likes on

that picture so I can donate the 1.2 1.3 million

dollars that I promised. I would donate to both of

those cherries independently. I would even be happy for

Instagram to select the two Charities and confirm and verify

my donation. I’d be very happy to do that because I said I

was going to do that and I’m a man of my word I stick to my word.

What’s interesting to me is when I put that post up if anybody else

had promised to do that, there’d be massive positive attention.

But everybody ignored it nobody in

the media wanted to post about it. None of the YouTubers want to

talk about it. Nobody wants to talk about it because it doesn’t get clicks.

You only get clicks for hating me. You don’t get

clicks for telling the truth about me. So nobody’s interested in telling

the truth. Everybody ignored my charitable donations. If anybody

else donated at one point three million dollars to Cherry, I’d like

to think there’d be some sort of headline. But if I want to do it nobody cares

and that’s very very unfair. What’s also

unfair is the people who say that

they care about women.

And they’re worried about misogyny and using this to

attack me and try and have me

deleted from the internet. They don’t donate any money to charity. They

don’t help women.

They don’t want to do anything but spread hate right

now. They hate Andrew Tate when I’m gone, they’ll hate

someone else. They’ll find someone else’s comment section to go

into insult threaten their lives insult their

dead parents. Hey, hey, they’re not going

to donate money to charity. They’re not going to help women. They’re just going

to sit there and hate me into long gone and then hate somebody else.

This is a hate mob and they’re pretending

that they care about women. They don’t care about anybody. They’re

just hateful and by Instagram allowing

the hate mulb to be successful inspires

further hate moms inspires

further hate further Division. I understand

that Instagram and meta and Facebook need to as a

whole keep their fingers on the pulse of the

national opinions. I understand that but once we have

confirmed that the national opinion is misunderstood,

Then we have to sit there and go do we want to bow to

hate mobs which are accelerating and

encouraging people to become more hateful for views

and to get people banned via hate.

When this when these people may be actually doing good

things to the real issue as a whole is this a

good idea for us to now Bowen Bend to these people and this

is a really interesting conversation, which can be had for many

many hours about the internet about Society about

sociology about psychology about so

many things it’s expands in so many different directions is actually

very very interesting. It’s an interesting conversation to have because we’re

living in an unpresented time of humanity where the

world is so connected

And we’re all kind of unprepared for it. Right? It’s very very

interesting. I find it super interesting. It’s something I’ve been

talking about internally and I would love to talk about more in person. And

when I decide to find a come back to public Consciousness and do

podcasts and that kind of thing is something we will be talking about because it’s

very very interesting subject.

I’m teaching that it takes tenacity.



To become a credible man of Mara and value.

I think even my hard core to


Would agree with me.

If you’re in trouble and you call the police you want tenacious

tough man to appear to help

you to protect you. There’s nothing

wrong with being a tenacious ambitious tough, man. There’s

nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with strength mental and


These things are used to protect people protect men

and women.

This is a protective State. You can’t

protect anything if you’re not strong.

Strength is a beautiful thing. The world is

built on the backs of strong men and I’m trying to

teach men to be strong again because it makes the men

feel happier inside. It solves men’s mental health

and it also makes the world a genuinely better place.

People are taking my lessons and me trying to teach

strength and misconstruing them saying I’m trying to teach men to

be oppressive or aggressive. That’s absolutely not

the case. And at the same time they’re ignoring

my charitable donations to the world.

And at the same time other media creators are

rewarded for purporting lies

and spending lies about me and then at the same time the media

buys into this and at the same time, we’re in

the current situation where this entire storm has appeared where

I’ve genuinely only been a net positive on

the world for anyone who’s watched my content in all of his long form.

I went Instagram tells me and confirms to me the number

of likes on that post. I’m going to make the donation as well

as that the future for me now that I

will be a lot more careful and a lot more selective with the social

media. I’ll be producing if any at all is I’m going

to be starting a foundation the tape Foundation which

is going to be dedicated towards charitable acts of both


I have been very very private about certain elements


my personal life as has my brother. However, my

brother has a daughter.

She’s beautiful. She’s my niece. I don’t

want her to grow up in a world where women are hated. I don’t want to grow up

in a world where men are oppressive and hurting women. Why would I possibly want

that? I want her to find a strong man who can protect her who can

provide for her who can make sure she’s safe, but

I don’t want anything bad to ever happen to her.

My own personal circumstances regarding family or

something or once again confidential but I confirm to you that the last

thing I would ever want.

Is for women to be marginalized in the

future for genuine, misogyny or

sexism to take hold on on the planet. I would completely and artly

be very unhappy with that for my own personal reasons.

The Tate Foundation is going to be dedicated towards helping men’s mental

health and also protecting women from violence against men.

You’re going to see in the upcoming months and


That I’m not somebody who’s doing this just for likes or

doing this just for views that I’m somebody who’s doing

this because he genuinely has the capability to help people and

I believe that was helping people via social media and

that’s going to be taken away from me. Then I will

continue my philanthropy in other realms

Please if you want to have more information, you can go to sign

up to the emailing list. And my emailing list is

going to start detailing all of my charitable acts from here on out. I’ll be

spending millions and millions of dollars on charitable acts

for the rest of my human life. God has

blessed me with fantastic wealth. It’s more money than I will

ever personally need I already was doing my philanthropy through

encouraging men and if that’s going to be destroyed

then I’ve decided to start the tape foundation and specifically

help with financial aid women.

Protection from violence primarily. I’m in Romania, which is

very close to Ukraine, and there’s a lot of problems there with violence against

women and violence trying to and women trying to escape the country.

And men’s mental health issues, and this will all be detailed on

my newsletter at Cobra take calm and I encourage people to follow.

My other charitable acts are things that I haven’t

really advertised or talked about. I always felt a

bit embarrassed to tell people about the charity I

do because when I do charity, I think it should be

from the heart not for likes but I understand now

that all of the media is saying I’m a bad guy and I’m

not even telling the world all the good I do because I don’t think

that’s the right thing to do. I think you should just give from the goodness of your heart not

for attention, but that’s unfair for people

to be saying I’m a bad person when I run a shelter

for dogs in Romania because of the Stray Dog problem

because of the fact that I just recently rebuilt

an entire orphanage because there’s an orphanage problem with

Romania, they’ll be a plaque call the Tate orphanage on this

orphanage and you can see here messages of

thank you from the children and the woman who’s running it. I did this

months ago before anybody disliked me. I didn’t even tell

anybody. I just read about an orphanage and didn’t use

it for positive. PR didn’t try and put on the internet

and good spin for me didn’t try to get likes. I

was just trying to

Help people the fact that the only charitable

act I’ve ever advertised was their Instagram post.

So I find it very hypocritical when

these hate mobs come and Sam a bad person when I’m the

one who’s out here spending his money in time

trying to help the world and all

they’re doing is telling their followers to insult me on my Instagram

page which one of those two things has a genuinely

positive effect on Humanity. I’m genuinely

not the bad person here.


I will stay again. I do take absolute responsibility

because that’s who I am as a man. I’m a personal responsibility

type of person and I understand that regardless

of the fact I believe is unfair. I do have a

cross to bear because of my Monumental success. I’ve lived

in extreme life more extreme than most. I’ve been

a multi-millionaire. I’ve been a nobody. I’ve been a famous.

I’ve been a World level athlete I’ve

started from nothing with a point where I had to run to the gym because I

didn’t have a car to get there. I’ve done it all so I’ve lived a

very extreme life and this is where these lessons come from.

To quickly address the rumors that I’m a sex trafficker and that’s

why I live in Romania.

Firstly that’s a very very racist.

Attitude to have I find it strange that the left and

people who speak and talk about

tolerance and inclusivity will assume

that Romania as a country will allow me

to be a rapist or that Romania is

to kind of place where rape is. Okay, that’s an extremely racist mentality

to have imagine someone saying that the other way around that and

this country because it’s run by these people. They’re inherently

bad. That’s very unfair on Romania. Romania has

been very good to me. It’s a great country for

with fantastic people amazing nature great food. It’s

a great place. I live here because I love it. There’s no

other reason why I live here. There are European Union Nation.

They have a strong legal system just like every other

country and to sit here and say that all Romania is where

you can rate people that’s very racist and I don’t understand why nobody

is pointing out the fact that anyone who’s saying that and believes that


Purporting racial stereotypes. That’s the first


The second thing is my house was rated by police under accusations

that a woman was being held kidnapped.

I have spoke about this at length many many times.

I was effectively swatted. I think this happens to all

famous people on the internet where the police is called happens, especially

in America. They call the police and say somebody has got gone

at this address and he’s threatening to kill somebody and the SWAT

turn up and it turns out it’s fake. It happened to Tim pool repeatedly

happen to Aiden Ross. Just the other day being swatted is

unfortunately one of the things that happens when you’re famous in the internet, whatever troll

did it you did it you officially did it. Oh, we

got swatted yesterday. So upsetting.

Just right after my mom arrived.

I was sorted.

Someone made a call about me, which was fake.

The police responded as they should I would hate

to live in a country where with the police get a call that woman’s being

held kidnapped and they don’t bother going to look that’s

not what country should do. Absolutely the Romanian

authorities were exceptionally professional. I have nothing but positive

things to say about them. They turned up professionally turned

up and investigated as they should and

they found out that it was completely false that nobody was

kidnapped. Nobody was held against their will

I was not charged. I was not released on bail. I have

no criminal charges in Romania England America any country

on the planet. I have no accusations against me for

hurting women and people are still needing that saying he’s a

human trafficker. The Romanian police are trying to get in trouble for human trafficking.

That’s not true. That’s not

what happened. And I’ve said this many times

but people continue to ignore it and continue

to purport the lie because that’s how the internet works, right? They continue

to just keep pushing a lie because it gets more clicks or because

they personally don’t like me and they want to use as an excuse to pretend.

I’m a bad person.

I can sit here and be Vain and arrogant and say

they’re jealous of me and my success and they want to find a way to drag me down. But

that’s beside the point. The actual point is it’s not

true and I was swotted just like anyone else

was and if I had actually hurt anybody the Romanian police

would have me in jail because they are a nation a

European Union Nation with a strong legal system and they

would lock me up. They have not done that because I

am completely an early innocent. They investigate as they should and came

to the correct conclusion that there’s nobody here. And this was a false call

a false alarm. It happens. A lot of famous people

happens all the time the person who made the call about me

through in set of saying I kind of


by analyze it

the people who make these police calls, right the people

who do the swatting. It’s kind of country specific in America.

They make a call to the police and they say he hasn’t gone. He has hostages.

They can’t really say that in Romania because it’s very very

unlikely. It’s not likely to be taken seriously. So instead

they try and find something the police might believe always an

american guy and he has his big house. He has a bunch of women trapped.

So different story but it’s the same intention for the police to

turn up with guns. And thankfully thank God. Nobody

was shot. Nobody was hurt. They were very professional very

calm as was I very calm conversations

very kind. Everything was sorted out very

quickly. I was taken from my house.

That came into my house at 5 PM. They did a forensic

search as they should at 8pm the

search concluded. They took me from my house at 8 pm for paperwork

at the police station and by 9:21. I

was back home and that was the end of it. Nothing’s happened since no

woman’s come forward. Nobody’s hurt nothing.

So that’s completely false.

But again, this is taken. It’s putting all the news is

putting all the media.

Imagine I was a normal person with a normal job.

This should be scary to anybody watching this that this could happen

to you. I’m lucky. I have hundreds of

millions of dollars. I don’t need a job. I don’t need

people to like me. I don’t need social media. I don’t

need any of this. I can have my beautiful family. I can

have my children. I can be left alone.

But if you’re a normal person you lose your job, you lose your income.

You can’t walk the street. You can’t afford security you

can’t afford to move. This happened to a normal

person their life would be over.

It’s scary. Okay, it’s happened to me and I can deal with it, but

it could happen to somebody else.

And it’s genuinely a scary thought.

It’s absolutely not really not true. I have no criminal

charges. There’s no charges at all against me. I have not

hurt any women. No women are coming forward saying Andrew hit me zero. The

only video of me and a woman in consensual

acts. She came forward and said it

was a game. There’s nothing on the internet from any woman

saying that Andrew is a bad person and misogynist. He did

this to me. Not one. It’s just misunderstood Clips

on tiktok.

It’s crazy to me that I have become the face of evil

with misunderstood out of

context Clips on tiktok with no criminal charges. There are

very famous people who have much more they have genuine criminal

charges is very famous people who have genuine accusations. They’re

still on Instagram. I have none of these things none.

I understand.

That social media companies feel responsible.

For the national Consciousness and the national opinions and

actions because of their large levels of influence.


I don’t think it’s fair that I’m being vilified and blamed for

something that isn’t true or wasn’t even me.

I need to seriously analyze if

it’s possible for me to even have a social media presence for

any longer without it being weaponized and used

against me.

I would like to think that Instagram.

Have their finger on the pulse of the


and that they’re reactive and adaptive regarding how people

view certain issues and people

I’d like to think that there are very fair and unbiased.

And that they understand that in time when

the truth is shown about my positivity

and my positive impact on the world the Tate Foundation

all the amazing things. We’re going to be doing for men and women.

Over time they’ll understand that there’s no reason for me to not

be on a platform.

I understand if I’m going to continue on social media.

I need to be a lot more careful with my content.

Not because I’m saying bad things but because I’m saying things that

could be used against me.

I want to dedicate this YouTube channel any other

remaining social medias. I have my email list and

my Instagram at some point in the future to the

take foundation and speak purely about

the positivity. I’m doing for the world because in the meantime and

at least for the next few months or years it’s going

to be very difficult to talk bad about me when people only see the

money I’m donating and how I’m helping people and I don’t just give money

in a very lazy charitable way. I get all in my

car I go on the ground. I help people myself. I

drove my Rolls-Royce to Ukraine. I

bought hundreds of coats and shoes for

women and children fleeing the conflict.

I didn’t film The refugees.

I hate when people do that.

We’ll be documenting that.

I think that’s a good way for people to start to learn about the truth.

I’m really relieved this happened.

I feel good.

I feel happy.

I don’t think I could have got everybody’s attention

without this.

I don’t think I would have had a chance to make a clean break and a

clean start and explain the truth of my character in my

heart without this.

I think that if I was never banned I would have

keep trying to tell the truth and my haters would

have kept ignoring it and kept making negative videos about me and it

would have spiraled out of control until someone in my family was hurt.

Or an attempt was made on my life.

Any of my serious fans who have watched all my content

know that I’ve had attempts on my life before way before YouTube

10 or 15 years ago is something I intimately understand

life and death.

And it’s not something I wish to revisit.

I feel that hate around me was being accelerated to

a point of danger.

For myself and my loved ones. So I’m

very glad this happened because I feel like I now have a chance

to tell the truth.

And I also feel like the social media companies are

very understanding of their responsibilities and will always

reflect National Consciousness. And as people understand the truth about

me and my heart their opinions about me will change also,

You know the Bible is full of redemption stories.

So our superhero movies, right the guy

starts off bad and then turns good or the guy that you think

is a bad guy turns out to be a good guy with good intentions all

along. He was just misunderstood.

I feel like the human psyche is very intrinsically understanding of

these narratives and stories. I think people understand

a Redemption Arc. They can understand.

When they retrospectively look back on certain events

or actions or words and when they are

new understanding of his actual intentions everything looks


They look back and go now. I know who we truly is. I

understand what he meant by that now I

know who we truly is. I understand why that was


and everything changes

I truly believe that.

This is a chance for me to move my social media purely

to my charitable acts even if my Instagram

is reinstated. It’s only going to be about the take Foundation. There’ll

be no pictures of Bugattis anymore. Sorry gentlemen.

And it allows me to conduct my philanthropy in

the physical world.

As opposed to so much in the digital world trying to inspire men.

It’s an Avenue change. It’s a life path change that God

has chosen for me.

And I’m happy with that.

I really am not the type of person to take these things personally.

I don’t take any of these decisions personally.

I’m a very logical man. I’m very good at seeing both sides of the

argument. I understand the situation. I’m in.


I completely understand all points of view.


this Redemption Arc this chance to tell

the world the truth about me.

And focus on showing the good that I

have already been doing.

Before these bands when I didn’t want likes

when I didn’t want clicks and also undoing all

the negative narratives, which I’ve allowed to spiral out

of control because I trusted in people to do their

own research and come to their own truthful conclusions.

I realize now that this is a fantastic chance for


It’s a massive opportunity.

I’m still going to tell the truth about who I am about what

I believe about how I believe a man should act.

I’m still going to tell people and inspire people to stay

away from low quality people.

If you’re struggling to find quality men to be friends

with maybe you’re not quality man, every relationship in the

world including friendships are mutual because if you’re a quality

person, you meet quality people male Enfield, that’s how it


I never would only talk negatively about

women. I talked negatively about men

all the time.

I told people don’t have friends who just smoke drugs

and play video games. You need friends who are going to inspire you

to push yourself to be the best man. You can.

I mean, I’m a massive anti-drug Advocate

the worst experiences in my life revolved around

other people either taking or selling drugs and

trying to hurt me because of it. I’ve never taken drugs in my life. I’ve

never even tried cocaine never tried a single

smoke of weed in my life ever.

I’m massively anti-drugs. But when I do videos saying to

men avoid men who take drugs avoid men

who are disloyal.

Nobody comments on it. But if I say avoid having

a girlfriend who takes drugs avoid having a girlfriend who’s disloyal people

call me a misogynist.

It’s not about gender. I’m just trying to

teach people to stay away from low quality toxic people

and just try and Elevate themselves and create

their reality to be around high quality people and positive

people male or female. There’s no

gender Associated. It’s only the fact that

the media these people chopping my videos up

whoever they are taking out context and only

focusing on the times women were mentioned which is

a very small percentage two or three percent of My overall

content and ignoring all the time. I said the exact same thing

about men or the times I love women,

And purporting this View and I feel like this band is

the hard reset. I needed to tell the


So for that I’m thankful.

I’m very very thankful for that.

What’s next for top G?


as I’ve said

I have built.

my dream life

I have everything I’ve ever wanted.

I’ve done that with the tenants that I’ve

been teaching the people who follow me.

I’ve been teaching you the mental fortitude. You need to truly have

your dream life.

I was talking to Aiden Ross on his stream and he said have you completed the game

and I guess in a way I have and you feel like you’ve

beaten the game.

I know I certainly I’ve had to Matrix and completely beating the games. I have

everything I’ve ever wanted.

I don’t need anything else.

All that’s left for me to do.

Is have a positive impact on the world.

I don’t think anybody truly.

Wants to go down as a villain.

Maybe some people do I don’t I wasn’t raised that

way. I was raised to stick up for myself to be strong to

be commanding, but I was raised to do the right thing.

And that’s why.

As I stayed I have no criminal record. I stay away from


There’s a lot of people on social medias with large criminal records who Advocate

drug use.

I think that’s far more dangerous for society than me.

And once again they have

absolute exposure to the world.

I want to run the tape foundation and

I would love to do it.

without any social media

I will be detailing on my email list all of my charitable donations

all of the orphanages. I’ll be building.


Financial evidence receipts

Please go to and sign up to

the newsletters free and I’ll be letting people know the

positive impact. I’m going to be having on the world.

Fame I’ve amassed has also managed to help me amass

hundreds of millions of dollars.

And I don’t need all of it.

So I’m going to use it for positive causes.

In regards to social media, I need to sit and

think and work out a way that not single snippet of

my words can ever be used against me. And even though I consider myself

a word Smith that is a very very difficult objective

to complete.

And I’m going to think about how I could possibly do that. So while

I’m thinking any remaining social media channels

will be dedicated towards charity.

If I start a new Instagram, it’s only going to

be dedicated towards charitable side of the state Foundation.

I hold no ill will against any

social media platforms.

I hold no ill will against any of

the people who hate me or who have tried to spread lies

about me.

I truly pray for you all.

I think that to be a person filled with so much


That you think making videos insulting a man and

encouraging your viewers to go and insult him and his deceased

father and his family members.

I think that is a horrible way to live.

I would never want to experience that level of hate in

my heart.

The people who are making endless videos

celebrating my band or talking hate about


That hate is never going to satisfy you.

You need to learn to let go and live with a heart filled

with love.

You need to be content with with yourself because if

you’re obsessed with trying to hate on another person the poisons

inside of you is not inside of me.

It doesn’t affect me.

As much as it affects you you can’t feel hatred for

somebody without affecting your mood.

So this is something for you guys to address and I genuinely pray

for you. I have no ill will against any of my haters. I have no ill

will against any social media companies. I have no ill will

against anybody.

To follow me and keep up with me. Please sign up to the newsletter on

COBRA take calm.

Anybody who would like to send me a message of support? I’ve already had hundreds

of thousands already. Thank you guys so much. It’s very

reassuring to me in times like this to hear

from all of you letting me know that I saved you from depression. I

helped you feel better about yourselves. I’m the reason

your marriage is working. I’m I inspired you to send

your son to the gym. I love hearing these things.

And you can send me an email at the email address below Tate

at Cobra tape Comm. Please send it to

me. I really love hearing these things and knowing I had such a

positive impact on the world is what’s allowed me to ignore

so much of this hate storm that’s been reported.

my social media presence

is something that if it remains will be

created in a way that it’s nearly impossible to

be seen as a negative for the world.

I’m a force for positivity and I’m a force for truth. This is the

truth of my nature and the truth of my name.

Anybody who wants comment or to reach

out to me?

You can find ways to do that any media organizations

who would like to speak to me. You can do that through there’s various

PR companies who want to represent me. They’ll be ways of

contacting me.

But I just want the world to know in my

final statement.

that if you’re a supporter of mine, and I know most of you are

please explain the truth in a respectful manner.

Telling these hate-filled people that they’re wrong and calling them

names. Well help.

These people are not happy people

because happy people don’t act that way.

Tell them the truth show them that the content is out of context show

them the long format content. Say all the

ways. I’ve helped you.

And I really believe by being a genuinely professional logical

positive person.

You guys can change public Consciousness for me.


time is a beautiful thing. It’s amazing.

How things change with time.

And in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my fantastic life, which

I’ve managed to build with all of the tenacity and

mental strength that I try and teach my fans.

You know how to reach me.

And I’ll finish with a quote from my late father.

My unmatched perspicacity.

coupled with sheer indie fatigability makes me a feared opponent.

in any realm of human endeavor

Are you trying to keep up being like as viral as you

are forever or not forever, but like for this is

stage one of a three-step plan.

So I’m going to be viral for a little bit longer than step two begins.

The conquest is continuing. So just a world.

I was like a lot of people are saying like you’re gonna fall off soon. This

is just a minute. No problem. What’s your take on that? That’s fine.

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