Who Is Zoe Barrie And The Seasoning Police

Recently a video of Zoe Barrie had gone viral where she described what seasoning is and how it should be used in Cooking.

The cooking hashtag of TikTok is very popular and has over 147 billion views.

But many of the videos are criticism of different cooks who can not make a dish properly.

Uncle Roger, one of the famous YouTubers who mostly criticizes and comments on other cooking videos has also mocked many cooks that he feels can not cook well.

However, when it comes to Zoe Barrie, she has sparked controversy among her viewers when she called her critics “Seasoning Police”.

In one of her recent videos, she put the chicken into the pan without any seasoning. This was not liked by many of the viewers.

This is the video that started the entire debacle surrounding Zoe Barrie.

Many of the viewers commented in her TikTok video saying putting some kind of seasoning would have been better than not using any seasoning.

The discussions on seasoning have been going on for quite some time now in TikTok and this video further propagated this issue.

After getting criticized by her viewers Zoe Barrie created another video where she called these critiques “Seasoning police of TikTok”.

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Who Is Zoe Barrie?

Who is Zoe Barrie and the Seasoning Police

Zoe Barrie is a TikTok influencer who makes cooking videos on TikTok under @zoebarrie.

Her video tutorials on cooking have been viewed by millions of people all over the world.

In March 2023, Zoe Barrie posted a video where she talked about her opinion on seasoning.

This video was a reply against @hudaam who previously commented on her video saying she should season her chicken.

But @hudaam wasn’t the only one who commented on her video saying she should use seasoning, many other viewers also shared the same opinion.

Zoe Barrie called her critics “Seasoning Police” and said that seasoning is not required if one uses fresh ingredients.

She also put the message, “This is a PSA for the seasoning police on this app” on the video for her critics to see.

What Does “Seasoning Police” Mean?

The term “Seasoning Police” was used by Zoe Barrie to call out her critics who have commented saying that she should put seasoning into her chicken before cooking it.

Zoe Barrie released a video criticizing these critics and there she used the term Seasoning Police.

Seasoning is a viral topic in TikTok as many users and viewers are quite concerned about it. The hashtag of seasoning is one of the popular ones in TikTok.

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After Zoe Barrie released her video on Seasoning Police it gained more than 1.4 million views.

However, this sparked controversy about what Zoe Barrie meant by Seasoning Police.

Many viewers have reacted negatively saying that Zoe Barrie has targeted black people while saying Seasoning Police as there is a stereotype that Black People use more seasoning in their food than others.

After the video was reposted on Twitter by @bonethirty and @JustinTarnation the video went viral and many users have called Zoe Barrie to be a racist for using the term Seasoning Police in her video.

Many users also commented that just because she is white she is in no position to talk about spices or seasoning.

Other users have argued that garlic powder and onion powder are different from Garlic or Onion and can not be compared to each other.

Zoe Barrie has said that garlic powder and onion powder are processed versions of Garlic and Onion so if one uses them fresh in their cooking then there is no need to use Garlic Powder or onion powder in their seasoning.

However, this has sparked another controversy separate from the racist one as to which should be used, the powder or the fresh version in the cooking.

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The debate is still going on on both TikTok and Twitter.

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