Does Zaxby’s Take Apple Pay?

Does zaxbys take Apple Pay

Apple Inc. is one of the top consumer brand product companies globally and has a vibrant ecosystem that consumers enjoy. Since 2014, Apple has been developing its payment standard called Apple Pay which makes payment easier for any IOS user. 

Zaxby’s is a fast-casual restaurant based in Franklin, Tennessee, that specializes on chicken strips, french fries, Texas toast, and wings. There are over 600 Zaxby’s locations all over the United States. It has millions of customers. Zaxby’s accepts several payment options for its consumers’ convenience.

Customers can now make a purchase of almost anything online and in-store using credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or other similar services.

Customers may simply and securely buy goods over the internet and in stores utilizing these payment methods. For Apple device users, Apple Pay is one of the quick, simple, and secure payments.

It’s gained traction and wider acceptance among the industry but still has a long way to go. This begs the question. 

Does Zaxby’s use the Apple Pay platform or not? How does one avail of the payment services at the nearest Target store?

This article goes in-depth into all your queries and answers them to the best of our knowledge.

Does Zaxby’s Take Apple Pay?

No, Zaxby’s, does not support Apple Pay in-store or online. It also refuses Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay. Zaxby’s accepts Visa, MC, debit card, credit card, Discover, and American Express as payment methods. Customers can use these payment options to buy food or other items.

Why Does Zaxby’s Not Take Apple Pay?

Why Zaxby’s doesn’t accept Apple Pay is not a secret. Other well-known retail and restaurants, like Walmart, Taco Bell, and Ross, do not support Apple Pay.

Now, most retail, restaurant, and pharmacy businesses accept Apple Pay as a payment option. There are a billion iPhone users, and the majority of them use Apple Pay as a payment method. In the future, Zaxby’s may accept Apple Pay as a payment method.

Other Payment Options At Zaxby’s

Zaxby’s accepts a wide range of payments, as other businesses do. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are the most common payment options at Zaxby’s.

How To Order Online At Zaxby’s?

Yes! Zaxby’s offers an online ordering system. You may place your order at At Zaxby’s and receive it by the drive-thru if you use their app. You can use the Android or iPhone version of Zaxby’s to place an online order through the app.

Can You Use Your Phone At Zaxby’s?

Yes! You can pay your bill at Zaxby’s with your phone. If you use Zaxby’s mobile app, you may place an order, make payments, and pay quickly and efficiently. Install this program in the Google Play Store to complete the procedure.

Final Thoughts 

So now you know everything there is to know about using Apple Pay at Zaxby’s. The digital wallet revolution makes it far more easy and secure to make transactions in Zaxby’s. 

Apple Pay is an increasingly popular mode of payment, so make use of its convenience whenever possible! Live cash and card-free life with Apple Pay as your one-stop wallet to make the purchase easy. It is better to call them up in advance and confirm, or always carry a secondary payment option with you.