Does H-E-B Take Apple Pay?

Does heb take Apple Pay

Apple Inc. is one of the top consumer brand product companies globally and has a vibrant ecosystem that consumers enjoy. Since 2014, Apple has been developing its payment standard called Apple Pay which makes payment easier for any IOS user.

H-E-B is famous as one of the largest independent food retailers. They also operate Central market, organic and fine foods. They are nestled in Texas, United States of America. Over the past many years, it has come up as one of the largest private companies. 

It’s gained traction and wider acceptance among the industry but still has a long way to go. This begs the question. 

Does H-E-B use the Apple Pay platform or not? How does one avail of the payment services at the nearest Target store?

This article goes in-depth into all your queries and answers them to the best of our knowledge.

Does H-E-B Take Apple Pay?

No, H-E-B doesn’t accept Apple Pay. As per the confirmation by H-E-B, they are not accepting Apple Pay. But they are on the way to using Apple Pay as their payment option for better customer service. Also, they have not mentioned any specific reason for not using it. But their own contactless technology named H-E-B GO can be seen as the biggest reason behind the rejection of Apple Pay.

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Why Is H-E-B Not Accepting Apple Pay?

The company is testing a self-checkout app at its stores in San Antonio and New Braunfels. This app lets the user scan the barcodes of their products and pay through QR codes. This may be one of the reasons due to which they are not accepting Apple Pay. 

Other Payment Options At H-E-B

Although they don’t have an option named Apple Pay, they provide several other payment options like cash, credit cards, debit cards, H-E-B cards, Mastercards, store gift cards, and Visa. 

Final Thoughts 

So now you know everything there is to know about using Apple Pay at H-E-B. The digital wallet revolution makes it far more easy and secure to make transactions in H-E-B. 

Apple Pay is an increasingly popular mode of payment, so make use of its convenience whenever possible! Live cash and card-free life with Apple Pay as your one-stop wallet to make the purchase easy. It is better to call them up in advance and confirm, or always carry a secondary payment option with you. 

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