How To Fix YouTube Handle Not Showing

YouTube is not only a place of uploading videos or watching videos.

For YouTube creators, YouTube Channel is their unique identity.

That’s why YouTube introduced handles using which peoples can find and engage with other creators in easy and unique way.

YouTube handle is a unique representation of your channel where you can find and connect with other creators on YouTube.

Some users claiming that they didn’t get YouTube handle or YouTube handle not showing for them.

Why Is YouTube Handle Not Showing?

Your YouTube handle is not showing because till now YouTube didn’t assign you a handle.

According to YouTube statement,

“Handles access is rolling out over the coming weeks; you will be notified in YouTube Studio and via email when you can choose. Go to for more information.

In the majority of instances, if you already have a personalized URL, the unique part of the URL will become your handle.

If you don’t have a personalized URL, or you want to choose something different, you can select a new handle or use the automatically generated handle.

If you don’t select a handle by November 14, 2022, YouTube will automatically assign you one. You can change this handle at any point.”

How To Fix YouTube Handle Not Showing?

To check your YouTube handle, Go to

If handle is assigned to your channel then you will see all details with your handle.

YouTube Handle

If handle is not assigned to your channel then you will see “Handles will be rolling out soon. We’ll notify you when you can choose yours.

soon youtube handle1

In this scenario, just wait for few days to weeks as YouTube mentioned they are gradually assigning handles to everyone.