What Does White Outline Around BeReal Memories Mean

BeReal is a photo sharing app that allows users to share a photo from their real life with their friends on a daily basis.

The app has a special camera that allows users to take both a selfie and a frontal photo at the same time.

It also comes with a discovery feature that allows users to see what other people are doing around them.

If you notice there is while line around photo in memories.

In this guide we will explain what does white border mean on BeReal memories.

White Outline Around BeReal Memories

What Does White Outline Around BeReal Memories Mean?

White outline around BeReal memories means that you have posted that photo on right time, you were not late.

In BeReal memories, you will see white outline around some photos and around some photos you will not find.

If there is white outline around photo it means that the photo was taken on right time.

If there is no outline around photo means that you were late that day to post photo.

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