When Does BeReal Reset?

BeReal is a new social media app that encourages users to be real. It’s a current photo sharing that is on the rise.

BeReal allows users to share what they’re doing at a random point in the day with their friends without any filters or editing.

BeReal users receive a notification at a random point in the day where they have two minutes to take a photo of what they’re currently doing.

The motive is to capture the realities of everyday life rather than create the perfect shots.

The app doesn’t provide any followers, so no followers, no likes, no ads, just your friends for real.

As being a new app many questions arise in users’ minds, in this article we are going to explain when does BeReal Reset.  

When Does BeReal Reset?

BeReal Reset every day. Whenever BeReal sends a notification, it’s time for it to reset.

The time of sending BeReal notifications is random, it changes day by day and also depends on the four time zones that BeReal has.

So nobody knows in advance when they will get a notification, that’s an interesting feature of BeReal.

BeReal users need to post their BeReal in a 2-minute window that appears when you tap on a notification sent by BeReal once a day.

The app uses both a front and back camera showing what you’re doing as well as your photo.

The user can click their photo and activity in one frame and then send it to their friends.

 If you have missed your BeReal shot you can post late, your friends will be noticed when you share your post.

You have to post once in a day to also watch your friend’s BeReal.

The next day again users get a notification from BeReal that says ‘It’s time to be real and the same process repeats every day.

So the user gets attracted to BeReal each day and enjoys the app.

This is all about when BeReal reset.