What Happens If You Miss A BeReal

BeReal is a new social media app that is gaining popularity due to its core concept of Be Real with your friend. 

On BeReal people post photos of what they are doing at that particular time when they get a notification from BeReal.

With BeReal we can connect with our friends all over the world and share our moments with friends.

It has no filter, you get only two minutes to post a photo. BeReal uses both a front and back camera to capture your photo with the activity.

Sometimes we are busy with an important activity, and suddenly we get a notification from BeReal,’ It’s time to Be Real’ and we can’t post our photo at that time. What happens next? 

Let’s find out in this article.

What Happens If You Miss A BeReal?

When you miss a BeReal, You still post later as it will tag “late” with some hours to your BeReal.

If you miss a BeReal, don’t worry, you can still post on BeReal and also check the BeReal of your friends.

After all, not everyone can respond to their phone within the two-minute timer.

BeReal gives the option of ‘Post a late BeReal’. The app will notify your friend that you have posted a late BeReal. 

And you can also check your friend’s BeReal once you have posted a photo on it. 

To post a late BeReal all you need to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the BeReal App, you get a BeReal home screen.

Step 2: Go to the Discovery Tab.

Step 3: Click the ‘Post a Late BeReal’ button on any posts.

Step 4: Capture your late BeReal and tap on Send.

What Does It Mean To Be Late On BeReal?

BeReal time of sending a notification is Random, so nobody knows in advance at what time we will get a notification.

It sometimes results that us being busy with some important activities like – sleeping,  studying, meeting, swimming,  etc. 

To be late on BeReal means we missed the BeReal notification, but still you can post a late BeReal.

What Happens If You Post A BeReal Late?

If you missed the BeReal notification and you are posting a late BeReal.

It will notify your friends that you have posted a late BeReal and can check it out. 

If you post late, your friends can see that you posted later than the two-minute window.

What Happens If You Don’t Post A BeReal?

BeReal sends us notifications every day at random times but it is not possible to post on BeReal. 

But If you don’t post at all, you can’t see other friends’ BeReals from the day. And that’s fine.

Not everybody is glued to their phone 24/7, and the BeReal app is designed with that in mind so you won’t miss out on much if you don’t post!