What is User ID in Indian Bank?

what is user id in Indian Bank

Net banking is one of the most popular services of the Indian Bank. Its introduction has opened up the possibilities and exposed them to a whole new way of banking.

We’re also seeing a new level of Internet penetration in the Indian subcontinent due to plunging 4G data costs. However, there are many technical terms that the large populace still doesn’t understand. This blog will go over the concept of a User ID and how do you obtain one?

What is User ID in Indian Bank?

User ID in Indian Bank is a unique code that helps the bank identify its customer and is used to login into net banking. Indian Bank uses the ID for logging into the net banking website and using their services. 

How to get User ID for Indian Bank Net Banking?

By default, Indian Bank sets the Customer Identification File(CIF) number as the User ID. CIF is printed on the first page of the passbook, and you can log in to the IB website.

How to Update Indian Bank User ID?

Steps to update Indian Bank User ID:

Step 1: Register yourself for the net banking facility.

Step 2: You will see the homepage of your Net Banking account.

Step 3: Select the options menu from the homepage. It will be situated in the left corner of the page.

Step 4: Go through the options menu and click on the “Change your Preferences” option.

Step 5: Input what you want your user ID to be in the “Preferred” Name menu.

Step 6: click submits, and you’re done.

Note- You can make further changes to your account and how you want the website to look/feel.

What is the Best User ID?

A user-id should be distinct, but you should also be able to remember it.

How many Accounts can I Add to my User ID?

Ans: You can open any amount of accounts and link them into one user id. When applying for a net banking facility, you can fill in the account number, branches, etc. The only stipulation is that all the accounts should be under one name.

The learning curve for being part of the digital India 2.0 might seem steep, but it’s worth it. One has to keep up with the times and learn about how Netbanking works. You now understand User ID, and there is much more to learn about digital banking.


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