What Is The Fastest Way To Level Up After 50 In Diablo 4 

Diablo 4 is an exciting new game that many people love playing. If you’ve reached level 50 in the game, congratulations!

Now you’re probably wondering how to make your character even stronger and progress further.

In this article, we will give you some simple and useful strategies and tips to help you level up quickly and effectively in the dark and immersive world of Diablo 4.

What Are The Ways To Level Up Faster After 50 In Diablo 4? 

1. Clear The First Section Of The Ruins Of Eridu Dungeon

To level up quickly after reaching level 50 in Diablo 4, head to the first section of the Ruins of Eridu Dungeon.

By defeating all enemies here, you can earn a whopping 20 million XP. Remember, you don’t need to eliminate every single enemy.

The Ruins Of Eridu Dungeon

Focus on moving through the area swiftly. When you defeat a good number of Elite mobs or larger packs, a swarm of enemies will be attracted.

Deal with this swarm and keep progressing through the dungeon. This approach is an efficient way to farm XP and level up rapidly in Diablo 4.

If you take the dungeon with a party then you will be able to clear the dungeon easily.

2. Clear Mercy’s Reach Farm

Another fastest way to level up after reaching level 50 in Diablo 4, as observed during the beta, is by farming “Mercy’s Reach,” a relatively short dungeon located in the far north (west side) of Fractured Peaks.

Mercys Reach

This dungeon guarantees three elite groups that defend the essential items needed to progress.

By defeating these groups, teleporting out, resetting the dungeon, and teleporting back, you can continuously farm fresh dungeons without the need to run back each time.

Players have reported significant levelling gains, such as taking a Necromancer from level 1 to 25, making it an efficient method for post-level 50 progression in Diablo 4.