How To Fix Well It Looks Like Discord Is Not Detecting Any Input From Your Mic

Are you getting “Well It Looks Like Discord Is Not Detecting Any Input From Your Mic” error message on Discord?

Discord is a rich gaming platform that lets you play games with friends and share knowledge with them.

The essential characteristics of Discord are its channels, which come in two varieties.

One is a voice channel, and the other is a text channel.

Discord keeps expanding its platform and rolling out new Forum text Discord services daily.

If you are new to Discord and playing, account for it with different features.

When you are trying to access the Discord voice, and you cannot hear the voice, then this article is for you.

What Causes “Well It Looks Like Discord Is Not Detecting Any Input From Your Mic” Error

Well, It Looks Like Discord Is Not Detecting Any Input From Your Mic

Discord Not Detecting Any Input From Your Mic means the volume may be turned down, or you must choose the correct input device or the volume is muted.

If there is an issue with the hardware or input device, you may not be able to access the voice feature.

Otherwise, you may need to update the audio driver in the system, or there may be an issue with your Discord installation.

How To Fix Well It Looks Like Discord Is Not Detecting Any Input From Your Mic

1. Ensure The Microphone Is Not Muted

The first step in troubleshooting this error is to ensure that the microphone is not muted.

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Check both the System and the Discord application to make sure that the microphone is not muted in either of these places.

Also, ensure that the volume bar is not turned all the way down in both the System and the Discord application.

2. Allow Permission For A Mic On The Website

Dicord Voice Channel Allowpermission

If you are using the browser, remember to allow Permission to the mic for the discord application on the Website.

3. Check The Selected Input Device

Check both the System and Discord for the suitable Input device. 

  • In the Setting menu, Click on App Settings
  • Select the Voice and Video on the left
  • You can choose the suitable Input device in the Input and Output device settings.
  • Also, Adjust the volume by moving the little bar right and left.
  • Check the mark by clicking the “Let’s check ” button.

If you use a Mac OS, you must download software by following the on-screen instruction on Discord.

4. Something Needs To Be Fixed With Your Discord Installation.

If your installation is corrupted, your microphone may not work. 

This occurs most frequently when using supplemental Discord versions like PTB or Canary.

You should download and Install Discord from the Official Website.

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5. Check Your Headset Or Other Device Is Working Fine

There is always the chance that the issue is with your mic rather than your System. 

Your USB port could be broken, the cable could be damaged or have an issue with your Headset.

Check your Headset with the alternate device and ensure it works fine.

Also, Input your audio device into the alternate machine and make sure the device works fine.

6. Update And Install Your Driver

Dicord Voice Channel Toggle On

 Install and Update the driver in your System by selecting Device Management.

  • Type Device Manager from the search
  • Select Sound, Video and Game Controllers
  • Right click on Conexant SmartAudio HD
  • Click on Update Driver 
  • Click on Automatic Driver update and Click on Next

The System will automatically install and update the driver.

Now you can hear the voice without any issue.

7. Restart Discord And Run It As Administrator

Dicord Voice Channel permission

There might be a Permission issue on Your device.

  • Go to Settings from your window and Click on Privacy
  • Click on microphone under App permission
  • Toggle on the Discord application near the Discord Application
  • Now enable run as Administrator on Discord Application
  • Go to the Discord application and Right click on it
  • Go to the compatibility tab, checkmark the box Run As Administrator
  • Click on Apply and Ok.
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Restart your System and launch your Discord application.

Now you can see the voice is working fine currently.

With the above troubleshooting steps and knowledge, you can understand the Process and quickly fix the Discord Not Detecting Any Input From Your Mic issue.

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