Walmart Grocery Pickup Not Ready On Time

walmart grocery pickup not ready on time

Walmart is one of the largest American retailers that enables its customers to get a hold of high-quality goods at discounted prices.

They sell general merchandise, groceries, automotive products, beauty aids, banking services, furniture, etc. It has become a

One-destination stop for the customers as it provides them with almost all goods and services.

While shopping online, many factors can cause delays in services. Moreover, Covid-19 has made people lean more on online shopping because of lockdown and preventive issues.

So as a result, the demand is heavy, and the workload has increased, which causes a delay in services. 

Walmart Grocery Pickup Not Ready On Time

Walmart grocery pickup may sometimes take time to get ready because of the unavailability of the items at that moment or if the order is not received. Walmart has introduced a new service for its customers known as the pickup service.

Through this service, customers can place their orders online on their website or the Walmart app and select a pickup time for their order at the desired or nearby Walmart store.

Then they need to go to the chosen store and park their card in the curbside pickup area while someone places their ordered items in their car.

Sometimes you might face a delay issue while picking up your order/groceries. It may happen because of a few reasons:

  • There might be some miscommunication or network issues while you had placed your order.
  • There may be some bug or glitch on the Walmart website or app, resulting in your order not being processed at the proper time.   
  • You might have arrived before receiving the pickup notification.
  • You might have arrived without checking in the store. 

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What Happens If Walmart Grocery Pickup Is Late?

Walmart holds your order for the next seven days from the original pickup date in case you have missed your order.

It sometimes happens that you get stuck in traffic or can’t leave the office because your boss has overloaded you with work at the last moment, and you have a Walmart grocery order waiting to be picked up; you don’t have to worry

Because this blog provides you with the solution for your problem.

So, all you need to do is sit back, relax and read this blog. Following are some of the situations: 

  • Suppose you arrived for the pickup after 8 pm when the store is closed and cannot pick up your grocery before business closing. In that case, Walmart will cancel your order and refund your money, and you’ll get a notification about the same, respectively. 
  • If you miss the pickup time, Walmart keeps your grocery order in the store for seven days from the pickup time. After seven days, if you still fail to pick up the groceries, your order will be automatically cancelled, and money will be refunded back to your account. You can also extend your pickup window by one day by contacting your pickup store.
  • If you don’t pick up your groceries, your order will be regarded as abandoned and shipped back to the Walmart fulfillment center. And a refund will be initiated for the same. 

Why Is My Walmart Pickup Delayed?

Generally, Walmart makes sure that their orders are not delayed, but sometimes certain situations lead to the delay of the order. Some of the reasons that may be responsible for the delay are as follows:

  • If your order tracking shows arrived at the store, then either your order may have been damaged or replaced.
  • Sometimes it may take time to unload your order from the truck.
  • In today’s times, Covid-19 and the preventive measures related to it also cause delays in the orders.
  • Delay can also happen because of your order not being ready yet.

If it is taking too long for your order, you can contact Walmart’s customer care. 

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Can I Pickup My Walmart Grocery Order Late?

Yes, you can pick up your Walmart grocery order late. 

But for that, you need to call the pickup store beforehand and reschedule your pickup time or day. Also, Walmart holds an order for ten days in the store from its pickup date if the pickup is missed.

They have those coolers or cold storage where they can keep your orders. But unfortunately, keeping in mind the freshness of groceries, they won’t be able to hold your order for much longer, as it gets stale. 


Walmart’s pickup service is a cherry on top that enables its customers to have the advantage of more durability, efficiency, and ease of ordering items.

But in some rare conditions, Walmart’s delivery process may get hampered, and one such rare reason is Covid-19. Despite these issues, Walmart tries its best to help you in every way possible.

It also gives you sufficient time to pick up your order if you miss the pickup time. 

Moreover, its well-explained and clear guidelines provide its customer’s flexibility and durability in ordering anything they want.

This characteristic makes it a customer-friendly brand that gives its customers full control over the orders and makes it one of the most trusted brands.