What To Do If Walmart Package Not Delivered

Are you also an online shopping freak? Walmart is one of the world-famous and fastest-growing shopping convenience stores.

Millions of people shop online with this platform But it becomes very frustrating when your package doesn’t deliver on the said date.

Are you facing the same problem with Walmart? Because many are facing and have been complaining of missing packages and deliveries coming in late.

You do not need to worry too much about it. Because in this guide we will discuss why Walmart’s packages are not delivered and what to do if Walmart’s packages are not delivered.

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Why Walmart Package Not Delivered?

If your Walmart package never got delivered, it could be due to a number of reasons. Below here we have mentioned some of the major reasons that might cause trouble in Walmart’s package delivery process. Have a look at them:

  • If at the time of filling in your’s delivery address, you have put on the wrong address. Then the package which uh have ordered will not be delivered to you.
  • Sometimes the logistics company may face some problems, and this could be a hurdle in Walmart’s package delivery process.
  • Your Walmart package not delivered might be due to a missing or stolen package, or it could also be possible that your package has been delivered to one of your surrounding neighbours by mistake.

These can be the major reasons behind Walmart’s package not being delivered. Do not worry much. As these are not serious problems. These can easily be taken care of.

You need to fix all these problems which are arising. To find out what to do in these kinds of situations, below here we have mentioned solutions in this regard. Please go through all to get your package delivered timely to you.

What To Do If Walmart’s Packages Are Not Delivered?

1. Ask Your Surrounding Neighbors

Most of the time it happens that the delivery company has read your address wrongly and happens to deliver your package to your surrounding neighbour by mistake.

In this case, you can check or confirm the same with your surrounding neighbours at the time of accidental deliveries.

If one of your packages does not belong to them, asking them about the same can easily resolve your package not delivered issue.

2. Confirm Your Delivery Address

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Entering the wrong address is one of the most common reasons behind a package not being delivered. As it can happen that you have mistakenly entered the wrong house or street number.
In this case, you need to check or confirm the address put on by you for delivery. Therefore Go to your Walmart account and re-check the address you inputted as your delivery address. If it is wrong, then correct it.

3. Track Your Order

Walmart track your order

At the time of placement of an order, a tracking number is given to the shopper. You can track your order using the tracking number given to you when the order was placed.
In this case, you may also use the email address which you entered.
How it can help in the case of your Walmart package not being delivered? It can surely help because Walmart has a tracking website that you will be redirected to when tracking details are requested.

To track your order on Walmart.com:

  • On Walmart.com, select Account.
  • Select Purchase History.
  • If you’re logged in to your account, scroll to the order you want to track and select Track Shipment. If you’re not logged in, select the link to track.

To track your order in the Walmart app:

  • Open the Walmart app.
  • Select Account.
  • Select Purchase History.
  • Scroll to the order you want to track and select Track Shipment.

4. Check With Third Party Carriers

If the above method doesn’t help you and If your order cannot be tracked using the Walmart tracking website. Then may be possible that your order is being delivered by one of Walmart’s third-party carriers.
In this case, you are required to check your Third Party Carriers.
For this, Check the Walmart app or website for their listed third-party carriers, like FedEx or UPS for their delivery and also in the case of Local shipping delays.

5. Wait For A Few Days

Walmart Company tells its shoppers to wait for a few days after their delivery date range in case their Walmart order is never delivered. Many companies mark an item delivered a few days before it is actually delivered.
If your package has not been delivered, then it is advisable for you to wait the following seventy-two working hours for a suggestion by Walmart.

6. Contact Walmart Support Team

If you have tried all the above listed solutions and none seem to work then the issue is not from your end. For this, you have to contact the Walmart Customer Support Team for assistance. They may be able to provide more specific help and investigate any potential issues with the app payment system and provide you with personalised solutions.

You can contact the support team of Walmart by clicking here. Click on the contact you team icon and tell the issue to the digital assistant of the Walmart app. 

It will ask firstly whether you have an account or not. If you have made an account on Walmart then log in first with your credentials and if you don’t have an account then select the option of don’t have an account on Walmart and proceed further. 

By selecting the option of general inquiry, you can write your issue and later they will ask you to fill in the contact information so that they can contact you later regarding this issue.