How Long Will Walmart Hold Your Grocery Order?

how long will walmart hold my grocery order

The busy schedule of every individual in this era made it too tiring to go to a store and shop for their groceries.

Walmart, one of the biggest multinational retail shops, has launched its Grocery order online facility in the year 2019. 

Many people have been facing issues with their grocery orders and are having doubts relating to their orders, especially when they are not picked up, and doubts regarding if they will get a refund or not.

 In this post, your doubts will be clarified, and it will answer your questions. Stay tuned In case you want to know more about Walmart’s grocery orders. 

How Long Will Walmart Hold Your Grocery Order?

Walmart holds your grocery package for roughly up to seven days. However, there are two-time frames. In case you have ordered something online,

And you don’t pick up the order, Walmart will hold your order for up to 4 days. 

And In case you have ordered via going to the store, the order stays with Walmart for four to seven days.

In some cases, after your order has been dispatched from the distributor, Walmart may hold your order for ten days also.

In case you don’t pick up the order within that time frame, you will not get your order even if you have rescheduled the delivery time.

Can You Be Late For Walmart Grocery Orders? 

Yes, you can be late for your Walmart Grocery order. 

However, In case you are too late, your order will be canceled. The pickup of your orders is available till 8 pm at night. 

In case you are getting too late, and it is important to get your grocery from Walmart, you can contact Walmart by going to the Walmart app and checking your order status.

From the app, you can also choose your parking lane to save time.

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What Happens If I Don’t Pick Up My Walmart Grocery Order 

If you don’t pick up your Walmart Grocery order, Walmart will store the order for roughly six to seven days.

In case you don’t pick up the order within seven days, your order will be terminated by Walmart.

Furthermore, if you fail to pick up your order, Walmart will charge a fee for sending your order back to the distributor.

If you still want to get your Walmart grocery order, you can “reschedule” your pickup time.

Within ten days, if the order is not taken by you, your order may be canceled, and Walmart will give you a refund. 

You can reschedule your order only before the cutoff. In case you try to reschedule your order after the cutoff date has been fixed, your reschedule request will not be approved.

Walmart has also come up with a new feature that is “Reorder all items” in case you cannot pick up your Walmart Grocery Order. 

Can You Add To Your Walmart Grocery Order After It’s Placed?

Yes, you can always put in more items to your Walmart grocery order after it has been placed. 

It’s not an issue to add further orders after you have already placed the order.

Some may think it’s a complicated process, or your recently added order would have a different delivery time. That’s not the case. 

You are often given some time to alter your order. For instance, in case you have ordered in the evening, and you have already placed the order, you can add other items to the cart

Within midnight of that particular day. This won’t affect the order that has already been placed or the delivery time. 

Walmart in the USA allows this option in its Walmart app, but in some other countries, Walmart does not provide the “Want to add something new?” option.

Can I Change My Walmart Order From Pickup To Delivery?

No, you can not change your Walmart order from pickup to delivery. The facility is not available for now. However,

If you still want to change your Walmart order from pickup to delivery, you will have to cancel your current order and then order again by selecting the delivery option. 

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Will I Get A Refund If I Don’t Pick Up My Walmart Order?

Yes, you will get a refund in case you fail to pick up your Walmart order. 

You can ask for the refund to be made within 6-7 working days. You will get back your refund within a few days in the same procedure as you paid for the order. 

Prior to that, the order(package) stays for around five to seven days either in FedEx or another other location picked by Walmart before the package is sent back to the distributor. 

You can contact Walmart to tell them why they could not pick up the order and ask them for a refund.

You can also go the next day to pick up the order. Often Walmart issues a refund in case you don’t come to receive the order. 


By now, you must have cleared your doubts regarding Walmart’s grocery order. Walmart usually holds the order for up to 7 days in case you don’t pick up the order.

And you will always get a refund. In addition, you need to pay some extra fees like the Restocking fee and delivery charge. 

Walmart uses third-party car/van drivers to ship your order to your doorstep.

You can make modifications (edit) to your Walmart grocery order and can even add further items to your existing order that has been already placed.

This option is not available in all the countries. Just go to the email that your order has been confirmed, or go to settings and look for that option. 

In case you are facing grave issues, you can always contact Walmart’s customer service, here’s the number 1-800-925-6278, or contact them via their helpline website