How To Verify Card For Apple Pay Without Calling?

verify card for Apple Pay with out calling

If you want to know why you can’t use Apple’s P2P(peer-to-peer) cash utilities without providing your correct details for verification, Please relieve your curiosity and legislation.

Apple insists that the establishment (Green Dot Bank) they are using to operate “Apple -Pay Cash” is lawfully expected to collect identity verification of customers to avoid fraudulent acts and also conform to the financial requirements stated by the United States government. 

Note: If your bank or Apple-Pay does not prompt you about verifying your identity, then you have nothing to worry about. But if you receive a prompt, here’s what to do without having to call them.

Steps to Verify Card for Apple Pay Without Calling:

Step 1: Go to your settings. 

Step 2: Click on the “Wallet & Apple Pay” button.

Step 3: Then click on “Apple Pay Cash“.

Step 4: Go down to your button page and click “Verify“.

Step 5: Click on “Continue” to start.

Step 6: Follow the onscreen information and answer the questions accordingly

  • The first bar requires your entire name
  • The second demands your residential address and postal code.
  • The third asks for the four ending digits of your SSN (social security number) and D.O.B ( date of birth).
  • Click on “next“. If your information is approved, you’ll be redirected to the home page.
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Regardless, if the information you gave doesn’t correspond to public reports, additional information will be needed by “Apple” to allow you to use its features.

A picture of your passport, National Identification card, or “driver’s license” will be demanded to ascertain you are a US citizen or resident and whoever you explained you are.

Although, without this verification, you can send and receive money but not more than $500. So, to enjoy Apple pay and outstep the $500 margin, you need to get your account verified.

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Why Do I Have To Call To Verify Apple Pay?

Whenever your bank needs to run your identity verification, it often sends you a mail or text you an SMS containing your OTP (Time verification pin), which is valid for about 5-10minutes.

You have the chance to verify your debit or credit card whenever you deem fit after adding it to Apple-Pay.

Go back to “Passbook” on your iPhone 


Go to Settings on your iPad, click “Passbook & Apple-Pay,” and observe the process displayed on the device screen to verify your card.

When your card verification is done, click on “Next” to launch Apple-Pay and enjoy the benefits.

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If by any chance, you didn’t receive an OTP from your bank for verification, it only implies that the bank does not possess your email address and phone number, probably anticipating that you will put a call across to them soon to verify your account.

Make sure you contact your bank, edit your details with them, review the verification procedure in use, and – if you usually receive a code – attempt to put in your card again.

After everything, if you are still unable to get an OTP or add your card, please get in touch with your bank the second time and request to communicate with an Apple-pay identity verification representative. 

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To safeguard your fund, Apple-Pay usually requests your personal information to validate and confirm your identity even if you’ve done it before.

If you can’t get through with your verification procedure, do well to contact your bank for further information and actions.

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