How to Bypass Apple Pay Verification?

how to bypass apple pay verification

Apple verification is an important metric that is required to ensure that you can essentially enable the complete feature set of Apple Pay.

However, often people do not have full credentials to support Apple Pay verification. In this article, you will learn about how to bypass Apple Pay verification?

How to Bypass Apple Pay Verification?

The Apple pay setup page might be quite bothersome as it keeps on popping up on your screen. Here is how you can bypass the Apple Pay setup constant requests.

Steps to Bypass Apple Pay Verification:

Step 1: Click on the Settings option on your Apple device.

Step 2: Ensure setting up your Apple family device.

Step 3: Open the settings option; tap on finish “Setting Up Your Device”.

Step 4: Click on “Set Up Apple Pay”.

Step 5: Now, click on the Cancel button.

Now, you will be able to bypass Apple Pay verification.

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How Do I Use Apple Pay Without Verifying My Identity?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay without verifying the identity by bypassing the Apple Pay Verification. and can send and receive up to $500. With the verification, you can hold up to $20,000 amount in your Apple Pay balance account. 

How Do I Verify My Apple Pay Without SSN?

Essentially it is impossible to use Apple Pay without SSN because it is a federal law requiring one to adhere to. You can still use Apple Pay with a credit card, debit card that supports Apple Pay.

Final Thoughts 

There are ways you can avoid having to get verification and still use the Apple Pay application. However, the experience will be relatively limited and will remain limited compared to a fully verified account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is FDIC insurance available to Apple Pay without verification? 

No, FDIC insurance is not available to unverified Apple Pay accounts because it is a federally created law. 

Can you apply for an Apple Card without verification?

You cannot get an Apple Card without an SSN verification as it is a government-mandated rule.