Uppercase Number And Lowercase Number

Uppercase number and lowercase number

Pivotally, most individuals are well aware of what are uppercase and lowercase letters used for,  majorly due to their presence and need of them on keyboards and how prudently they were taught in our primary schools.

WRITING IN CAPITAL LETTERS – is what we consider the letters to be in uppercase. Putting down everything in Small letters – is what we generally use and term it as lowercase letters. 

Besides the case based letters, there are ‘Uppercase Numbers’ and ‘Lowercase Numbers’. They are neither capital numbers nor small numbers. It is pretty rare to hear about them in an era flourishing with modified text fonts. 

lowercase number and upper case number

Let us take a brief view to understand what are lowercase numbers and uppercase numbers with the help of examples. 

What Is Lowercase Number?

Lowercase numbers exist, but they do not exist on a computer keyboard. In other words, they did not survive the transformation from analog to digital and haven’t been used since typewriters went the way of the Dodo bird.

Comprehensively,  lower implies being low in position or value in the context of comparison. A number can be lower than the other number,  such as : 

Seven is lower than 8 

Or  777 is lower than 8888

However,  this is not the case with lowercase numbers. They are not lower in value. By way of explanation, lowercase numbers are written lower to the baseline. They are not correspondingly put together, unlike the default numbers. 

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Case alludes to being a chest or box used for storage purposes here. Usage of case exhibits laying down numbers in a box.

There are two types of lowercase numbers, namely:- 

Proportional Old-style 

  • It is often blundered to be the only type of lowercase number which is incorrect 
  • The numbers are placed collectively with very few or no spaces in between.

Tabular Old-Style 

  • In tabular form,  the numbers have fixed proportional spaces 
  • In comparison to proportional style,  tabular numbers are more structured and have more spacing.

Lowercase Number Examples 

In addition,  lowercase numbers are termed old-styles figures. Theoretically, some of their examples are as follows:- 

  • Typewriters and Type stylists are accustomed to utilising lowercase numbers  
  • Journals, Magazines and Novels have frequently used old-style figures and numbers to signify the date or year of occurrence of an event.
  • Their application along with sentences in token of words,  warnings,  wishes, and informative sites of times grasp the attention of the readers.
  • Ancient scriptures, modern write-ups and coins bear lowercase numbers.

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What Is Uppercase Number?

Uppercase numbers do not abide by the concept of ‘bold numbers’. They are massively used in our day-to-day lives. 

Uppercase numbers are ubiquitous. Even with the passing of time, their usage did not decrease in contrast to lowercase numbers. 

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They are also known as Lining Figures. Figuratively uppercase numbers are set uniformly on the baseline. 

Likewise, lowercase numbers, uppercase numbers can be distinguished into two types,  they are:- 

Proportional Lining 

  • The numbers are combined well with equal heights and widths.

Tabular Lining 

  • Tabular lining has definite and more spacing as compared to the proportional lining.

Uppercase Number Examples

For how the placement of words conveys vital messages,  uppercase numbers give clear meaning to their systematised manner of arrangement.

  • Uppercase numbers are used to make formats,  reports,  etc. for varying occasions 
  • They have become the formal way of writing numbers. For sequential clarity, they are vastly used in lists, the vertical numbering of any write-ups.
  • Uppercase numbers signify a definite number in books, periodicals, and websites without any distinctive motive to grab the attention of the readers.
  • Numbers in computer keyboards resemble the default uppercase numbers.
  • 123456789 is a basic example of uppercase numbers

Do Special Keys Change The Uppercase Number To Lowercase When Used? 

No, Special keys don’t change the numeral value of the uppercase numbers to lowercase numbers. For instance – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are the same in lowercase.

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Key Takeaways

  • Uppercase and lowercase Letters in technical terms are known as majuscule letters and miniscule letters, respectively. 
  • Uppercase and Lowercase Numbers do not have technical names on the basis of their numeric width and font size. 
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Uppercase and Lowercase numbers are not something of impractical use, conjecture by the fact for simplification motives,  usage of lowercase numbers has decreased.

Typography has opted for habitude with uppercase numbers allowing them to be the default type of numbers in the contemporary day.

The application of lowercase and uppercase numbers has been winged by the modern societal preference for graphic and text designing.

 To write lowercase numbers in a line might be time-consuming but let us not forget it is a creative way of writing numbers and notifying crucial things.

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