What Does Unblurred Mean On BeReal

BeReal, the popular social media platform, is known for its unique features that encourage users to share and engage with each other’s content.

Recently, they introduced a new feature called ‘unblurred’, which has been a hot topic among users.

But what does ‘unblurred’ mean on BeReal? Let’s break it down in simple terms.

What Is ‘Unblurred’ On BeReal?

In a nutshell, ‘unblurred’ on BeReal means you can look at your friends’ posts without having to make a post yourself.

It’s like being able to peek into your friends’ lives through their posts, even if you haven’t shared anything yourself.

How Does ‘Unblurred’ Work On BeReal?

Unblurred Mean On BeReal

BeReal has set some rules around how many posts you can ‘unblur’ each day. At first, you could ‘unblur’ up to 100 posts a day, but now you can only ‘unblur’ 10.

Some users might only be able to ‘unblur’ 2 posts a day. The number of posts you can ‘unblur’ depends on how many friends you have on BeReal.

So, the more friends you have, the more posts you can ‘unblur’.

What Happens When You ‘Unblur’ A Post On BeReal?

When you ‘unblur’ someone’s post, BeReal lets the owner of the post know, just like when someone takes a screenshot of a post.

So, if you ‘unblur’ a friend’s post, they’ll get a notification about it.

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Why Is ‘Unblurred’ Controversial?

The ‘unblurred’ feature has caused a bit of a stir among BeReal users. Before, you had to post your own content to see others’ posts, which made everyone an active participant.

But now, with ‘unblurred’, you can just look at posts without sharing anything yourself.

Some users are worried that this change might make BeReal more like other social media platforms, where people just scroll and watch without contributing.

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