How To Fix “HTTP Error 520” On Tachiyomi

Tachiyomi is a popular manga reader app for Android devices.

However, like any other online service, it can encounter errors from time to time. One such error is HTTP Error 520.

The full error message reads: “HTTP error 520: Check Website in Webview.”

In this article, we will explore the causes behind Tachiyomi HTTP Error 520 and provide simple solutions to fix it.

What Causes Tachiyomi HTTP Error 520?

This error typically occurs when there is a severe server-side issue, which may be caused by technical problems or during maintenance.

In such cases, you may not be able to access the content.

However, there are some fixes available that can help resolve this issue for you.

How To Fix Tachiyomi HTTP Error 520?

Now, let’s look at some simple solutions to fix Tachiyomi HTTP Error 520:

1. Check Tachiyomi Server Status

Tachiyomi Server Status

If you encounter an HTTP error 520 on Tachiyomi, the first thing you should do is check the server status.

If the server is down for some reason, then wait for some time and try again later.

2. Clear Cache And Data

If the server status is fine, the next step you should take is to try clearing the cache and data.

Check if the issue has been resolved or not.

Here are the steps to clear cache and data:

  • Open Settings > Apps.
  • Find and tap on the Tachiyomi app.
  • Tap on “Storage” or “Storage & cache.”
  • Select “Clear cache” to remove temporary files.
  • Optionally, you can tap on “Clear data” to delete all app data, including settings

3. Try Alternative Extensions

Sometimes, this can also be an issue with the server extension. In such cases, you can consider using alternative extensions within Tachiyomi.

Different extensions may provide access to different manga sources.

Alternative Extension

To Try Different Extensions Follow These Steps:

  • Open “Tachiyomi”.
  • Go to “Browser”.
  • Click On “Extension”.
  • “Install” an extension of your choices.