Is Trust Wallet Not Working? | Trust Wallet Issues

Trust Wallet Issues

Trust Wallet is one of the most reliable and secure digital wallets; it can be prone to occasional issues. When signing up for any platform, you will have to take the good with the bad side.

Are you having any one of these issues in your Trust Wallet? 

This article will help you solve them and so that you can go back to trading. 

Trust Wallet Issues

Trust Wallet Hacked

Getting your Trust Wallet hacked can be a terrifying thing, but keep calm and follow these instructions.

  1. If you notice any suspicious activity, immediately transfer your cryptocurrency to a cold wallet. Freeze your account and notify the Trust Wallet representative.
  2. If they have already stolen the crypto, then immediately notify the Trust Wallet Representative. Call the authorities and report the digital theft.

It is important to note that the chances of any hacking are low and rarely ever happen. Avoid any social engineering hacks, phishing scams, and you will be fine. 

Keep things secure by enabling Two- Factor Authentication.

Trust Wallet Showing Wrong Balance

Generally, Trust Wallet tends to add the token automatically and shows the correct wallet. If the wallet is not showing a wrong balance, you will need to follow these required procedures.

  • Look for the explorer available for the cryptocurrency of your choice. Search for your address or feed in the transaction ID. Check whether your transfer was recorded in the blockchain ledger or not.
  • It can be an internet connection or your VPN(Virtual Private Network) issue causing the wrong balance to be displayed.
  • Do a re-import of your wallet by backing up the data and restoring it.
  • file an issue with the Trust Wallet and talk to their representative about the issue.

Trust Wallet Transaction History not Showing

If the Transaction History in Trust Wallet is not showing up, then here are the procedures you can follow- 

  • Create a backup before remedying the problem.
  • Try reinstalling the application or updating it to the latest version of the app.
  • Send in the necessary technical information to the Trust Wallet representative to help solve the issue.
  • It could be a connectivity issue, or your OS is interfering with the app. 

Trust Wallet not Updating

The update issues can be caused by various factors, and try checking all these remedies-

  • Check whether the transaction happened by verifying it with explorer in a blockchain.
  • Reinstall the app after backing up the account.
  • Follow up with the representative by filing a ticket in the Trust Wallet community( Tag it as urgent).

Trust Wallet IOS Issues

Apple has decided to remove the Trust Wallet from the App Store, but that doesn’t stop you. Here’s a workaround that can help you access Trust Wallet through Safari.

  • Put this into your URL: trust://browser_enable.
  • Open this page in “Trust” and select yes.
  • Trust Wallet will now work through the DApp browser.

Trust Wallet Android Issues

If you have some Android issues, it is best to contact a Trust Wallet representative. File in the necessary information and report the issues.

Trust Wallet Issue with BNB

Trust Wallet is notorious for having issues with BNB because of its high demand in the exchange. Whenever you try to buy the coin, you could potentially get an error saying not available. 

You can wait for the demand to come down, which is highly unlikely, or use Binance Smart Chain(BSC). 

Here’s a step by step guide for you to follow-

  1. Log into the Binance account and connect your BSC with Trust Wallet.
  2. Once you have bought the coins in Binance and then transfer them to the Trust Wallet. 
  3. You can then either Hold it, Pancake swap BNB or sell it on Binance. 

What is going on with Trust Wallet?

Have issues with your Trust Wallet app? it could be due to the following reasons-

  • Sudden Volatility- Cryptomarket tends to be highly volatile, and that can lead to a service outage. Too many people are making transactions, and it’s best to wait it out.
  • Server issues- there’s a possibility of some problem happening at the end of Trust Wallet servers. The only solution to server issues is to try again later or keep refreshing the app.
  • Experiencing app issues- You can be experiencing N number of issues that we’ve discussed. Follow the solutions to the issues that we’ve discussed. 

Can Trust Wallet be Trusted?

Yes absolutely, Trust Wallet is highly reliable and trustworthy because its system is decentralized. In essence, they are intimidatory and do not hold any cryptocurrency or account information.  

How do I get my money back from Trust Wallet?

There are essentially two ways you can transfer your money from Trust Wallet-

  1. Either withdraw the money to another hot, cold wallet for safekeeping.
  2. You can use the Fiat and Spot Bianance feature to transfer crypto to money. Put in your bank details and withdraw in your currency of choice.

How do I Complain About Trust Wallet?

  • You could either file a complaint at Trust Wallet community page for an executive to respond 
  • Email them at with your complaint and questions.
  • Contact them through Discord, Reddit, Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter.

What is the major reason an issue happens in Trust Wallet?

Managing a digital wallet system is a tricky and challenging endeavor because of the volatility. Essentially because offloading and buying crypto is easy, it creates pressure on the network. There are other issues linked to software and the allocation of resources. 

Trust Wallet will have minor outages because it’s a different economic paradigm, and that is normal.

How fast is Trust Wallet response time to Queries and Solving Issues?

Answer: Generally, it’s quite fast, and they are always ready to help the customer. In the community, you can even ask for guidance from other people who have faced similar issues. 

File a ticket if you are having software issues at

It might take a long time, and you can get regular email updates over it.

Final Thoughts 

Every new-age financial app has issues in them, and Trust Wallet is no exception. It is the perils of bleeding-edge technology, but it doesn’t make them fraudulent or unreliable. 

Trust Wallet is extremely secure and highly respected in the crypto market. There’s a reason why every crypto exchange and token supports the app because they are the best. 

Every issue stated in this article is fairly common, and that means the solutions are readily available. The chances of you getting an issue that there isn’t a readily available fix are slim to none. 

Start your journey confidently with Trust Wallet.


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