How To Transfer From Phantom Wallet To Coinbase?

transfer from coinbase to phantom wallet

Phantom wallet which has over two million users, and Coinbase, which is one of the major exchange platforms, people opt to use both of them to transfer their Solana assets via the Solana blockchain. 

The Phantom wallet is relatively a new wallet and the fastest-growing digital wallet globally.

There are some of you who are unsure about how you can transfer the digit coins from Phantom to Coinbase. 

In this article, we will give you a brief overview of how you can transfer SOL from your Phantom wallet account to Coinbase, can you transfer USDC from Phantom to Coinbase, and the Phantom transfer fee and time, and why at times, the Phantom wallet and Coinbase do not work. Let’s dive in. 

Can You Transfer From Phantom Wallet To Coinbase? 

Yes, you can transfer your crypto tokens and coins from Phantom Wallet to Coinbase. 

Some of you may have heard that Phantom wallets are not compatible with Coinbase, but that’s not the case.

You can easily transfer your digital coins from a Phantom wallet to a Coinbase, just like you transfer from a normal digital wallet and crypto exchange platform. 

How To Transfer Solana From Phantom Wallet To Coinbase? 

Step 1: Open Coinbase 

From your home screen, launch the Coinbase app or visit the web browser and go to the web version of Coinbase.

You can also tap on this link and then log in to your coin base account. 

Step 2: Copy The Coinbase Address 

Next, tap on the “send or receive” section present on the top right of the page.

After that, click on the “receive” option when you receive a message.

Then you will see a list of options for digital coins. Click on “Solana.”

Now scan the QR code or tap on the copy icon from the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Go To Phantom Wallet 

Once you have copied the wallet address, go to the Phantom wallet and log in to your wallet account.

Tap on ” send” present on the right side of the page under the heading “Send SOL.”

Step 4: Paste The Coinbase Address 

After that, when you tap on send, you will be taken to the page where you have to paste the address of the wallet/exchange platform.

On the field ” Recipient’s SOL address,” paste the link you have previously copied from the Coinbase. 

Below that, under the Amount tab, fill in the amount of SOL you want to transfer from Phantom wallet to Coinbase.

You also use the toggle icon(arrow-like) to check the amount in dollars.

Step 5: Tap On Next

Lastly, after you have filled in the wallet address and the SOL amount, tap on the next tab in the bottom right corner of the screen.

You will get a confirmation notification. Check it to see the details. 

Do not forget to check the network fee and then tap on the sent tab again to successfully complete the process of sending Solana from your Phantom account to Coinbase.

You can also check its status in Phantom from the “recent activities” section denoted by a ⚡ icon.

In Coinbase, you can go to reports and check the entire transfer details. 

Can You Transfer USDC From Phantom Wallet To Coinbase? 

No, you cannot directly transfer USDC from Phantom Wallet to Coinbase. 

Sometimes, you may be successful in sending it from a Phantom wallet. However, it will not be received by the Coinbase exchange platform.

You can try sending the USDC from the Phantom wallet to Coinbase to check if your transfer procedure is successful. 

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Phantom Wallet To Coinbase Transfer Time 

To transfer from Phantom wallet to Coinbase generally takes a few seconds to few minutes to complete the transfer according to congestion in network. 

If the wallet address is correct and the Coinbase exchange does not have much traffic, then the transfer will be completed within a few seconds.

When the transfer takes more than five to six hours it is suggested you should report or send a ticket to Phantom wallet support. 

And make sure to check your wallet address and the last and first four characters/digits carefully, as this may also have a direct impact on the transfer time from Phantom wallet to Coinbase.

You can also check out your current SOL balance before carrying out the transfer process. 

A point to be noted is that the transfer time and feel will fluctuate accordingly.

The transfer will tend to take more time if there is more traffic. 

Phantom Wallet To Coinbase Transfer Fees

The Phantom wallet charges a transfer fee of around 0.86%  for the in and out of crypto coins from the Phantom wallet to Coinbase. 

The transfer fee ranges somewhere from 0.0001sol to 0.0002sol; this fee is not taken by the Phantom wallet, but it’s needed for the Solana blockchain.

Generally, the Phantom wallet charges roughly .85% as its transaction fee for SOL. 

In addition, Coinbase charges no fee as its transaction fee for transacting SOl, USD, and other crypto coins from other wallets.

Also, the transfer fee of the Phantom wallet is not rigid. It fluctuates depending on a few factors. 

Phantom Wallet To Coinbase Not Working 

If Phantom wallet to Coinbase is not working, there must be a server issue.

There are a few reasons why your Phantom wallet to Coinbase will not be working due to the following reasons, they are : 

1. Server Issues

The first and foremost reason why your Phantom wallet is not working with Coinbase is that the server is down due to its increasing use.

Or it may be that the database of both the application(Coinbase) and browser (Phantom wallet) has crashed.

Try accessing both the platforms after some time when the server is restored. 

2. Not Enough SOL

If you have less than 0.001 SOL coins in your Phantom wallet, your Coinbase wallet address and your Phantom wallet will not be able to carry out the transaction procedure.

As the SOL tokens are not enough to be transferred on both platforms.

3. Browser / App Cache

If you are using the browser for your Phantom wallet/Coinbase, then there are high chances it is due to the uncleared cache.

The same applies to Phantom and Coinbase apps. Make sure you regularly check the app/browser cache.

4. Technical Glitch 

Another reason why your Phantom wallet to Coinbase is not working is that either of the platforms is having a technical glitch or bug in their software or browser extension. 

Most of the time, it is because of a technical bug or glitch that a person cannot carry out any transactions between the Phantom wallet and Coinbase. 

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You can follow the above set of steps to send Solana coins from your Phantom wallet to Coinbase.

Transferring USDC from Phantom wallet to Coinbase is a questionable matter as there are high chances you will not be able to send (the normal) USDC as Phantom does not support it.

The transfer time ranges from a few seconds to a couple of hours, depending on the network and traffic.

Otherwise, it takes only a split second to complete the transfer of digital coins from the Phantom wallet. 

The transaction fee is from 0.84 to 0.85 % in Phantom wallets. If you try to transfer from Coinbase to the wallet, Coinbase will not charge even a penny.

It’s completely free of cost. Phantom wallet to Coinbase may not work due to the above-mentioned reasons.

If you have further doubts, you can connect to Phantom from their support center, and Twitter handles the account.

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