Fix: FIFA Prime Gaming Pack Not Working

FIFA gaming pack not working

FIFA prime game has been reaching a massive height; it allows users to play virtual football as it is a football video game series and where they can get access to cards and many more rewards.

FIFA game was developed by EA sports, majorly to play the video game, you have to sign in to your Amazon Prime account.

Recently, thousands of FIFA users have many facing issues with the site and the game. 

In this article, we will give you a brief overview of why your FIFA prime game is not working, how you can claim your game rewards (pack) and if there is any fix available to troubleshoot your FIFA prime game issues. Let’s get started. 

Why FIFA Prime Gaming Pack Not Working?

There are a handful of reasons why your FIFA Prime gaming pack is not working, is due to : 

1. Your EA Account Is Not Connected

A major reason why your prime gaming pack is not working is that your EA account is not connected to your Twitch account or the Amazon prime.

Make sure you have successfully connected all three accounts. 

2. Technical Glitches

EA support has claimed whatever issues people have been encountering in FIFA prime game is because of the technicalities problem.

And they are still working on how to resolve the issues and errors. 

How To Fix “FIFA Prime Gaming Pack Not Working”?

FIFA acknowledges that a lot of users are facing issues with FIFA prime gaming pack, and it also announced that it is working to fix the issues.

However, it has still not been stated when they will be able to fix it.

Till then, you can try claiming the gaming pack with the steps mentioned below and check if it works for you.

Step 1: Go To Your Twitch Account 

From your home screen, search for your twitch account and then tab on twitch account to open it. After that, look at the “connections.”

Step 2: Check Out The Heading Other Connections 

Next, when you look at the connections, check if the “Electronic arts’ ‘ is mentioned under the heading other connections.

If it’s not there, try reconnecting your twitch account and amazon prime gaming account.

You can read amazon’s instructions to link amazon prime game with your twitch account and electronic arts account.

Make sure you do not miss a step, as this will create a hurdle for your prime gaming account to work efficiently. 

Are Prime Gaming Packs Tradeable?

Somewhat yes, you can trade the gaming packs on Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam. 

Some of you may have trouble trading your gaming packs from your twitch account.

Prior to trading your gaming packs, you have to claim your game pack.

You can contact the EA help center for your FIFA game packs.

Here’s the link Where you can contact them.  

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How To Claim Prime Game Pack? 

Step 1: Open Your Amazon Prime Account 

Firstly, open your Amazon prime account to link it to your Twitch account.

You can visit the link here

Step 2: Link Your EA Account With The Twitch Account 

Secondly, you have to link your EA sports account and twitch account, don’t worry.

You will get the option to link your EA account. Simply click on that tab. 

Step 3: Open Amazon Prime Game 

Thirdly, to claim your gaming reward packs, you have to visit this link It is the gaming Amazon Prime site.

Step 4: Claim Your Rewards 

Fourthly, every month you will receive a reward for your prime football game.

You have to claim them by tapping on the card and clicking on “claim your reward.” 

Step 5:  Visit The Ultimate Team Section 

Lastly, go to the ultimate team page and then refresh it (if it was previously opened) as it may not load the latest update that you have claimed your gaming pack rewards. 

And then look for the tab “my packs” in your ultimate FIFA team store, click on my packs. Send you packs.

And then, open your FIFA website, and you will see that your claimed gaming reward pack has been delivered.  


To Fix FIFA gaming pack not working issue, Try relinking your Amazon Prime accounts to your EA accounts and restart your device. This will fix your issue and FIFA gaming pack will work.

By now, you must know why sometimes your FIFA prime game does not work. It is either some severe technical problems or any three accounts (Twitch, Amazon Prime, and EA) are not connected to the other accounts. 

Currently, there are no fixes to resolve the commonly faced problems in the FIFA game.

EA help page has said they are still working on it, and it will soon be announced.

If you still have any further queries, you can either go to Amazon prime support or directly send a ticket to EA sports. Here’s the link to their support page