How To Connect Phantom Wallet To Magic Eden?

CONNECT phantom wallet to magic wden

 Magic Eden is the leading  Solana NFT marketplace,  where users may build, purchase, and trade  Solana-based NFTs.   Users must have a  Solana wallet  to utilize  Magic Eden.  

Several  Solana NFT wallets,  including Phantom, Slope, Sollet, Solflare, and Solong, are supported by  Magic Eden. 

Magic Eden  may also be accessed with  multi-chain wallets  like Clover, Ledger, and MathWallet. To mint or purchase NFTs, you must have SOL. SOL is also required to pay the  gas fees.  

This article will show you how to link the  Phantom wallet  to  Magic Eden.   The  Phantom Wallet is one of the most well-known wallets in the  Solana ecosystem. 

How To Connect Phantom Wallet To Magic Eden?

Step 1: Install Phantom Wallet

The  Phantom wallet  is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Brave browsers.

The  Phantom wallet  can only be obtained via a browser extension. Only  beta versions  of the mobile apps are available.

Note: If you have previously installed the  Phantom wallet,  you may skip this step.

Step 2: Go To Phantom

Go to the  Phantom website  to install the Phantom wallet . Select Add to Chrome/ Firefox/ Edge

Once the installation is complete, you must execute the on-screen directions to set up a new wallet account.

The instructions include storing your recovery phrase and creating a password.

Step 3: Go To Magic Eden

Now, you must visit the  Magic Eden website after downloading the Phantom wallet  and creating an account.

Select Wallet may be found at the upper right corner of the page. Then, a popup will appear with numerous crypto wallet alternatives.

Step 4: Link Phantom To Magic Eden

Link the Phantom wallet to the Magic Eden . Input your password  and click Phantom .

When you input the password, the  Magic Eden website  will send you a request.

Step 5: Completion Of Linking Process

Simply click the Connect button. Link the Phantom wallet to the Magic Eden.

That’s all. You’ve paired your Phantom wallet with Magic Eden.

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Why Can’t I Connect Phantom Wallet To Magic Eden

If you encounter any issues, such as redirection while linking your  Phantom wallet to Magic Eden,  go to the  browser history and enter Magic Eden. 

Once you have finished writing, select all of the matches and remove them. Now is the time to re connect  Phantom wallet with Magic Eden .


To link the  Phantom wallet  to the  Magic Eden marketplace,  go to the  Magic Eden website  and click on  Select Wallet,  then click on the  Phantom wallet. Enter your password and confirm access to  Magic Eden  by clicking the confirm button.

If you get the  There’s something wrong with getting your data  problem while linking your  Phantom wallet  to  Magic Eden,  go to your  browser history  and search for  Magic Eden.  Then, pick all of the outcomes and remove them. Try once more.

The  Phantom Wallet is one of the most well-known wallets in the  Solana ecosystem .  Magic Eden” is the major  Solana NFT marketplace,  where users may create, buy, and sell  Solana-based NFTs.  To use  Magic Eden,  users must have a  Solana wallet.

Phantom, Slope, Sollet, Solflare, and Solong are among the  Solana NFT wallets” that are supported by Magical Eden. Multi-chain wallets such as Clover, Ledger, and MathWallet can also be used to access  Magic Eden.  SOL is required to mint or acquire NFTs.