How To Transfer Crypto From To Coinbase?

How to transfer to coinbase

Crypto fraud and hacks remain a major issue in the digital trading world. Thereby leaving investors with the questions of what to do. It requires a successful hack into an owner’s account, and everything will be lost immediately.

Hacking may not be the only danger, as there are several other ways that crypto owners can lose their digital assets.

Losing your account passcode is as good as losing your digital fortune, And it is impossible to track it when it is lost because having the code grants you access to your wallet and its content anytime. However, crypto investors are advised to keep their passcode with caution.

Dividing your fortune into different accounts can be a little remedy to this menace; therefore, let’s see how to run each transfer from one account to the other.

Steps to transfer crypto from to Coinbase:

Step 1: Launch The Coinbase App

Launch the Coinbase app, Sign in to Your Account and Choose the Coin You Want to Receive.

Proceed by clicking “Prices“; all the crypto prices are displayed on the screen, then choose the coin you want to receive.

Step 2: Tap On The Cryptocurrency for Address

When you click on the Crypto you want to receive, the currency address will automatically appear.

E.g., if it is Litecoin you want to receive, find your way down to the Litecoin option and click on it for the wallet address.

Step 3: Click On The Quick Response Code

After you click the cryptocurrency wallet address, you will be redirected to see the wallet history as balances. Close to the Litecoin balance, you will see your QR (quick response) code, then tap on it.

Step 4: Copy Your Crypto Address

When you have done the above step, you are brought to the receiving page, where you will see another QR code with the wallet’s address. Copy it by clicking on the copy option.

Step 5: Launch  The Application And Click “Transfer

Having copied your wallet’s address on Coinbase, Sign in to your account and click on the Transfer button located on the app’s homepage

Step 6: Click On The “Withdrawal” Option

When you’ve clicked on the transfer button, you are left with a deposit and withdrawal option. Now click on withdraw to withdraw Crypto to your Coinbase account.

Step 7: Select Your Preferred Cryptocurrency

Once you are done, clicking on the withdrawal option grants you the type of money to transfer, e.g., Fiat currency or Cryptocurrency. Since your aim is Coinbase, click on Crypto.

Step 8. Choose The External Wallet To Receive The Crypto

The Coinbase wallet address is external, so select an external address in the three options displayed on your screen [ users, DeFi wallet, and External address].

Step 9: Tap On The Plus Icon

Transferring cryptocurrency from exchange to Coinbase requires you to put in your Coinbase wallet address. If not, the transfer process won’t work.

Accordingly, click the add [+] icon to add a wallet address.

Step 10: Choose “Wallet Address”

Upon hitting the add[+] icon, two options are displayed; the [Wallet address] and [Paying] options. Click on the wallet address.

Step 11: Choose The Cryptocurrency To Transfer To Coinbase

When specifying the wallet address, a list of currencies is displayed on your screen, click on the choice of crypto to transfer to Coinbase.

If the coin is far-fetched, use the search command to fetch it.

Step 12: Post Your Copied Coinbase Wallet Address

When you find the coin to transfer, you are expected to type in the wallet’s address. Therefore paste the wallet address copied in step 4 above. After that, type in the crypto name and click [continue] to transfer to Coinbase.

Step 13: Confirm Your Account Email Address 

Your email address receives a prompt to confirm the specified wallet address after clicking on continue.

Step 14: Navigate To App And Hit The “Withdraw” Option

A notification pops up telling you that a new crypto address has been added to your withdrawal permit list.

This implies that your Coinbase address was successfully added to the app. choose the wallet address.

Step 15:  Specify How Much Crypto You Want To Transfer

Type in the amount of crypto you want to transfer. If you want to transfer all the crypto, click on the “max” button. 

Proceed by clicking “Withdraw” on the page to transfer the coin to your Coinbase wallet.

Step 16: Click On “Confirm”

Ensure every detail for the transaction is accurate, starting from the transaction type, amount, sent from to, and a transaction charge. This is done to avoid transfer to a third-party address which is impossible to revert.

Then Click “confirm” to Complete the Transaction

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Note: This will take up to 1hr in some cases.

Hope, the guide helped you. Now, you can easily transfer crypto from to Coinbase.