How To Contact Rarible?

Contact Rarible

Rarible exists as a creator-centric Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) marketplace and allocation program that uses the Rarible native token “RARI” to authorize users who consistently interact with the platform.

Users on Rarible can effortlessly create NFTs for outstanding digital assets like Virtual land portions, memes, game gadgets, artworks, and lots more.

Rarible software enables digital artists and creators to publish and sell crypto assets that depict possession in their digital work. 

Please take note: Rarible is a marketplace for these assets, as well as a decentralized system created on Ethereum that allows users to trade without the interference of a middle person.

How To Contact Rarible?

The Rarible’s customer support group has stood, operating overwhelmingly to enhance reaction time and simplified validation process! This effort has yielded an incredible growth in assistance times and customer contentment scores. Now you can earn your questions a faster response than has been.

The support group now has a committed Twitter account @RaribleHelp that you can use to send a direct message or tag them in your tweets which by default creates a query ticket. 

The first answer time, “SLA” on Rarible, presently stands at 86%, meaning that all these query tickets obtain a reply within 24 to 72 hours. At this maximum time, 9000 support tickets are reviewed and attended to. This has granted users a satisfaction score of 70%.

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You can send Rarible an email at [email protected] or check out their HelpCentre, which has great reserves to send a request describing the reason for contacting the customer service. 

You will explain the frequently asked questions (FAQ) when you Enter the Rarible community.

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Rarible Email Address

Rarible Email Address is [email protected].

Rarible Phone Number

There is no available phone number for customer support services.


Rarible’s customer support group is always available to help build the greatest user experience for the growing community. They will love to hear your complaints or issues if you have one and any suggestions on promoting the support service endeavors.

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