How to Transfer Crypto From To DeFi Wallet?

How to transfer to Defi wallet DeFi Wallet is a user-controlled wallet. This means you have a full ticket to manage your private crypto keys. You have complete holding and unrestricted access to your cryptocurrencies when saved in the Wallet. 

You do not need a account to save, dispatch and receive cryptocurrencies in the Wallet because you are a decentralized custodian on the App.

Because of the decentralized character of the Defi wallet, every transaction is processed on-chain and needs network fees to boost the transaction statement on the affiliated coin’s Blockchain network. These network fees will probably be based on the Blockchain network traffic, and is network charge-free. 

Contrary to Defi wallet, App functions as a custodian and saves your cryptocurrencies for you. Over the App, you can find instructions for your cryptocurrencies to handle you, but you do not control the secret keys.

What are the benefits of this control? It helps you manage and exchange your crypto to fiat currencies easily, not worried about losing secret keys.

With the DeFi Wallet, users can deliver crypto to anyone in different parts of the world at their chosen confirmation speed and the network charge.

Are you aware that you can earn on the DeFi wallet?

Steps to earn on the DeFi wallet:

Step 1: Click [Earn] on the bottom page of your DeFi Wallet app.

Step 2: Touch the  [Start Earning] button to view a wide range of available tokens to earn. 

Step 3: Choose your best token and type in your stake to see the expected yearly earning according to the current APY percentage.

How to Transfer Crypto from DeFi Wallet to App? DeFi Wallet is the most excellent and secure crypto wallet to save, earn and accumulate crypto assets up to about 200 different currencies. 

Steps to Transfer Crypto from DeFi Wallet to App:

Step 1: Selecting the desired coin in your DeFi Wallet to send

Step 2: Clicking on “ App” on the send address page

Be informed that You will not be allowed to transfer coins that are not funded on your App account; thus, the send button will be disabled for not supported tokens.

Step 3: Finally, the App address for the matching token will be automatically generated, and If there’s a message instruction for the matching token, it will also be generated. 

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How to transfer Crypto from the App to the DeFi Wallet?

Steps to transfer crypto from App to DeFi Wallet:

Step 1(a): Turn to Settings, select “ Wallet.” then click “Send Funds” on the page shown.


Step 1(b): Go to “Transfer,” click “Withdraw Crypto,” and then Tap the “ DeFi Wallet” button.

Step 2: Withdrawal

Be reminded that withdrawal charges will apply.  In the “Settings” of the App- Fees and Limits, the respective fee for each crypto asset is shown.

Step 3: For Section, you can Withdraw Crypto without external address while in Category –  Your Crypto withdrawal is to an External Address)

How to Connect to Defi Wallet?

Connecting your DeFi Wallet with your App account allows you to make crypto purchases directly in the DeFi Wallet; this way, you enjoy various crypto-financial benefits given by

You can start this connection by following the outlined steps: 

Step 1(a): Going to the Home Page and selecting the Explore Card.                                          


Step 1(b): Going to your Settings and Connect directly with the App

Step 2: Click to accept the contradiction from the app and then hit the  “Continue” button to proceed.

Step 3: Type in your account email address 

Step 4: Search for the email authorizing your connection in your inbox.

Step 5: Click on the Email that authorizes your connection. 

Step 6: Type in your unique 6-digit passcode known to you alone. 

Step 7: Now, Authorize the connection to DeFi Wallet

Step 8: A “Completion message with the success status” will be displayed on your screen, then a related email will be sent. 

A lot of users continue to ask this question “Can I connect multiple wallets to my App?”

The answer is No! You only get to connect one wallet to your App account at once; It is not supported by the app to connect other DeFi Wallet to one App account.

If you imported the same wallet by using the recovery phrase on more than one device, you would be allowed to connect the other Wallet (on the other device) to your App account, but this will separate the App from your first Wallet.

Let me answer another question that you might want to ask. “Can I connect a different wallet when I have multiple DeFi Wallet to the App?

For an Example

Imagine you have already connected a wallet, e.g., Wallet A, to the App and connect a different wallet, e.g., Wallet B, to the App too; all you have to do is disconnect Wallet A from App before prompting the connection for Wallet B.

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How to Disconnect to Defi Wallet?

Steps to Disconnect to Defi Wallet:

Step 1: Go to your “Settings

Step 2: Click on “ App” below the “Connect to App” area.

Step 3: You will be directed to the next page, where you can see the “Disconnect” button; tap on it to confirm disconnection.

Step 4: When you are done doing this, the page redirects you back to the Settings menu you started with.

Upon disconnecting a wallet, you can begin another connection to the App. You can choose which of the wallets to connect to the App.

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