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While playing The Cycle Frontier you come across many quests which you can complete to get exciting rewards and continue playing the game with adventure and excitement. One of many popular quests available on The Cycle Frontier is a quest named “doing the work.”

Doing the work quest help you to gather more faction points for raising your rank along with the ICA faction.

You can earn extra faction points by completing this quest and leveling up your ranking in the game. Doing the work quest is divided into a total of 8 discrete parts.

You can initiate the doing the work quest easily by having a conversation with Marie Gilbert Ravel, who is the ICA chief procurement officer.

During your conversation, The ICA chief procurement officer will ask you To find and affirm the source of the current distress signal. Another thing you must be looking for while your quest is if any survivor player requires your help or not.

What Is “Doing The Work” In The Cycle Frontier?

Doing the work is a rewarding quest available in The Cycle Frontier. During this quest, the player is asked to carry out various tasks of stashing objects and delivering some of them to the destination location.

Once you deliver all the objects to the destined or requested location, you are rewarded with different prizes such as a good amount of FP, Krypto masks, etc. 

The Cycle Frontier Doing The Work Quest

Following are the eight parts of this quest you must complete to get maximum rewards and level up your ranking.

Doing The Work Part 1

Doing The Work Part 1 is the initial part of the quest, and you will have to start this quest by Tracing the source of the distress signal.

This SOS signals me to be leading from the water facility. While you move to the South in this area, you will find the source of this SOS signal around a rocky beach. Once you find the source of this signal, you will get the following rewards:

  •  ICA scrip (3Nos.)
  • Krypto marks (6400)
  • FP (160)

Once you successfully complete the part one, you will jump to the next part.

Doing The Work Part 2

The next part will contain two different chapters or destinations. You will have to achieve two different goals to complete Part 2 of this quest.

 In the first section of this part, you will have to set your foot in the loot room. You can find this loot room in the northeast area of the water facility.

Once you enter this room, you will find a picture frame sitting on a bed. Grab this frame. To open the door of the loot room, you will have to power off all three circuits.

To make the circuit functional, you can easily take out the batteries from other sources available in the water facility once you take the batteries charge of the three circuits and enter the loot room to grab the frame.

Since this picture frame signifies life, you will have to return to the ICA department and deliver the picture frame. Make sure you survive through the whole process.

 Once you complete this quest and submit the picture frame, you will get the following rewards:

  •  ICA scrip (2Nos.)
  • Krypto marks (5800)
  • FP (130)

Once done, simply go to the next part.

Doing The Work Part 3

Upon delivering the picture frame, you will be given a task to deliver some other products. The other products include 2 zero system CPUs, five alloys, and five fusion cartridge batteries. The next question is, where do we find all the stuff to deliver.

Zero systems are easy To locate in cabinets and briefcases lying around. Similarly, fusion cartridge batteries are also easy to locate and can be found in bins and lockers of civilians.

You can also find fusion cartridge batteries by searching the lagoon towards the east, On the science campus, and at vaccine labs.

Alloys will not be available in any commercial area and must be found near the industrial sites only. You can find alloys indifferent industrial sites and industrial luggage boxes. following are the rewards you will get for completing Part 3:

  •  ICA scrip (4Nos.)
  •  Krypto marks (7000)
  • FP (200)

Doing The Work Part 4

Next, you will have to hand over uncommon data drivers (3Nos.) At the South East uplink. You can either buy these drives directly from the ICA department or look for them in different components, including safes, Cabinets, and briefcases.

Once you reach South East applying, you need to download all the data from the console directly into this uncommon data drive.

Wait for the download to be completed, as upon the completion of the download, your drives will upgrade automatically.

You can repeat this procedure as many times as you need to ensure that you have an uncommon and useful drive for future moves in this quest. once you upgrade your drives you will get the following rewards:

  • 4 ICA scrip
  • 200 FP
  • 7000 Krypto marks

Doing The Work Part 5

In the next part of this quest, you will need to make additional deliveries. You need to collect three radio equipment and 3 circuit boards 2 gather damn at the satellite dish dead drops which are marked clearly on the map. You need to go to the comms tower to find this location on the map.

To collect the supplies, you need to go through the decks, racks, and PCs inside the game. You can also get these items in technologically Progressive locations. once you submit all the supplies at the required location, you will get the rewards listed below:

  • 7700 Krypto marks
  •  6 ICA scrip
  • 240 FP

Doing The Work Part 6

 Next, you will have to deliver rare data drivers (3) At the house on stilts near the north uplink on the map.

There are two ways through which you can find these rare data drivers. The easy way is to get your hands on the rare data drivers by directly purchasing them from ICA.

However, if you do not want to buy from ICA, you can search through different components and gather rare data drivers. You can even upgrade your existing drive by visiting the north or Southeast uplinks and upgrading it by the comms tower.

When you deliver three rare data drives at the mentioned location, you will get the rewards mentioned below:

  • 200 FP
  • 7000 Krypto marks
  •  4 ICA Scrip

Doing The Work Part 7

Part 7 of the quest is a straight path. This part does not ask you to deliver a product, but you will have to kill 25 creatures.

For this, you will have to head towards the power plant located at the South of the comms tower. Once you kill 25 creatures, next, you will have to provide 15 cartridge batteries.

You can easily get these batteries while hunting through the power plant or simply during your hunt at other locations. Whenever you deliver these batteries, you will get the following rewards:

  • 8 ICA Scrip
  •  310 FP
  • 8500 Krypto Marks

Doing The Work Part 8

The final part of this game will end by reaching the base camp. You need to deliver three miniature reactors and two valuable data drives to different office dead drops at the location of the base camp. You can directly Go to the coupling stations in the game and retrieve upgraded data drives, or you can buy them from ICA.

You can find miniature reactors in different storage rooms of available power plants and stash them in the desired location. Upon completing the final chapter of this question, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 11 Orisis Scrip
  •  380 FP
  • 9400 Krypto marks

Along with this, you will get a new and sparkling helmet as a reward upon completing the final stage of this quest. With this, your whole quest will be completed, and you can collect all the rewards it offers.

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Doing the work quest is highly beneficial if you are looking for amazing rewards in the form of FP, ICA and Orisis Scrip, and Krypto Marks.

Once you complete all the stages, you will also receive a new helmet from the Quest. Doing the work quest requires you to deliver different items to discrete locations to collect rewards.

So, get started with this quest and make The Cycle Frontier more rewarding and exciting.