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Jewelry is one of the rare and non-printable items in The Cycle Frontier. It simply means that you will not be able to use Jewelry for printing items. However, you can sell it to gain instant monetary benefits in the game.

Therefore, to gain these monetary benefits, a lot of people look for Jewelry in the game and hold on to it. Other than that, when you sell your jewelry, each item will cost you a net of 1,013 K-Marks if you sell it with ten factions and will help you level up the faction.

Another reason for which you may want to hold on to jewelry is that you will need it later to upgrade the K-Marks generator.

Moreover, finding Jewelry in The Cycle Frontier is not that big of a deal. In this post, we have come up with a list of locations where you can get Jewelry in The Cycle Frontier.

How To Get Jewelry In The Cycle Frontier?

You can get jewelry in The Cycle Frontier in luggage, safes, jackets, and briefcases. Mostly, there are high chances that you will get jewelry in the jackets, and you are least likely to get it in luggage.

One thing that you need to know is that there are more chances that you will find more jewelry in Crescent Falls than in Bright Sands. Here, we have discussed in detail the location where you can get jewelry in The Cycle Frontier.

The Cycle Frontier Jewelry Locations In Crescent Falls

To begin with, it is recommended to begin from the middle at Green Prospects. You can then move to the north, and there you will find a lot of jewelry inside the forest area.

Next, you can also check out Starport Admin and Starport Warehouse, as they are also among some best locations to farm a huge yield of Jewelry. Other than that, in the south, you can also check out Favela.

Apart from this, there are a lot of other locations available in Crescent land where you can find Jewelry in abundance. Therefore, it is usually recommended to spend a day on the borders of Crescent falls before you move to the center and its surrounding.

The Cycle Frontier Jewelry Locations In Bright Sands

Here, you can begin from the middle of the map to find Jewelry in The Cycle Frontier. After that, you can move to the west towards Comms Tower.

After that, you can also check the outside area of the crashed ship above the tower, and you can get some jewelry items there.

Now that you have reached here, you can move to the western border of the Jungle camp and see if you find any jewelry.

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Finding Jewelry in The Cycle Frontier is a simple task. When finding jewelry, make sure to look for Crescent falls properly, as it has more jewelry than Bright sands.

Make sure you spend a day in Crescent falls borders before you proceed to the center or its surroundings. We have listed all the places where you can find jewelry in The Cycle Frontier. Hopefully, this helped you.