How To Stop Teachers From Seeing Your Screen On GoGuardian

GoGuardian is one of the most trusted software to monitor student activities among schools and colleges.

GoGuardian is one of the good solutions to prevent students involving unwanted activities.

However, some Universities block most websites for students, and completing their projects or assignments will be big hectic.

As a student, if you want to access the restricted website and Stop Teachers From Seeing Your Screen On GoGuardian, then you need to shield yourself GoGuardian.

Here are some ways to that keep you away from the GoGuardian Extension.

Let’s get started!

How To Stop Teachers From Seeing Your Screen On GoGuardian?

To Stop Teachers From Seeing Your Screen On GoGuardian, you need to hide your cookies or website link from GoGuardian. 

Here are the most common steps to Screen your website from GoGuardian.

1. Enabling Incognito Mode On Your Chrome Browser

Normally browser disables all extensions in Incognito mode. 

If you want to do any hacks and Stop Teachers From Seeing Your Screen On GoGuardian, then go with a browser with private mode.

Remember that any disabling GoGuardian hacks on private more never works since the browser is already not sporting extensions.

You can do simple hacks like using VPN websites or disabling any settings inside Chrome browser.

2. Using A Proxy Server On Your Chromebook

Using a proxy server is one of the most powerful hacks to stop teachers from seeing your screen on GoGuardian.

When you use proxy servers, you get information from another server in the air instead of your school server.

So the GoGuardian failed to capture and monitor your screen activity.

3. Using A VPN Connection On Your Chromebook

Another method is using a VPN connection.

It just works like a proxy server; a VPN connection will help you hide your IP address and pave the path to use the server outside your school.

So you are safe from GoGuardian, and No one can monitor your browser’s activity.

Make sure you are using it in Private mode. In this way, you cannot access the VPN browser but can use the installed VPN connection on your device.

4. Disabling GoGuardian On Your Chrome Browser

Another method is simply disabling GoGuardian on your Chromebook. 

They are several ways to Bypass GoGuardian, which helps you to stop GoGuardian Extension from monitoring your screen.

However, you need to be careful while implementing the steps in the chrome book because the GoGuardian might display a notification to the admin panel that says “Monitoring Not Allowed by Admin.” 

How To Stop Teachers From Seeing Your Screen On GoGuardian Monitering restricted edited

Check out this link to know more:

5. Switch To Another Network On Chromebook

Switching to other networks is a smart way to access your desired websites.

The GoGuardian is controlled only by the School network; GoGuardian cannot access your network if you use an entirely different network separated from the School network.

Nowadays, Allowing mobile phone is common and needed by students.

So you can use your mobile network to work on your chrome book.

But you cannot use it for a long time, and if the admin notices that you are offline, you will be caught.

Use this method safely.

6. Using A Alternate Browser Without GoGuardian Extension

What if your browser doesn’t have GoGuardian Extension? 

You can use an alternate browser like Firefox by installing on a USB drive and running it externally in your system.

Firefox has no restriction to any website link since the GoGuardian Admin panel does not control it.

Above are the simple methods that help you access any game websites or chat sites you love without any restrictions. 

I hope you found this article useful and now know about different methods of How to Stop Teachers From Seeing Your Screen On GoGuardian.