Spotify Zodiac Affinity


Your Zodiac tells a lot about you.

Imagine how cool it would be if you get to listen to what songs other people of your Zodiac are listening to these days?

With Spotify, this is possible.

Spotify provides a playlist crafted explicitly for you based on your zodiac interests, zodiac attractions, and such factors.

This article will guide you all about Spotify’s new Zodiac-based playlist and how you can get it. 

What Is Spotify Zodiac Affinity?

Spotify Zodiac Affinity is the latest playlist generator launched to ensure your new playlist will be your zodiac match.

Spotify zodiac affinity playlist generator is recently developed by three developers, including Lucas Aranda, Maria Artalejo, and Javier Blázquez.

Zodiac affinity is simply a tool through which Spotify suggests a small playlist of about five songs based on the star sign you chose.

You must select a star sign whenever you sign up on your Spotify app.

However, if you wish to explore other zodiacs, you can select the star sign that intrigues you the most based on your choice.

How To Get Zodiac Affinity On Spotify?

Steps To Get Zodiac Affinity On Spotify:

Step 1: Go to zodiac affinity on the web browser of your choice.

Visit the official website of the zodiac affinity.

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Step 2: on the zodiac affinity website, you will find a green colored button with “sign up with Spotify” Written on it.

Step 3: Tap on the sign up button, and the website will ask you to log in with your Spotify credentials

Step 4: Provide your Spotify login details and open it with your Spotify account

Step 5: Tap on the “agree” button at the end of the page

Step 6: You will be redirected to the page where you will have to select your zodiac sign.

You can also choose a different zodiac sign here

Step 7: Tap on the Next button, and a list of songs based on your selected Zodiac will appear on your screen.

How To Find Your Zodiac Affinity On Spotify?

You can easily find your zodiac affinity on Spotify by logging in to your account on the zodiac affinity website.

Here, you can either select your zodiac signs or a zodiac of your choice.

On any web browser of your choice, you can insert “zodiac affinity” on the search bar.

Go to the first and official website of Zodiac affinity and link it with your Spotify to enjoy the songs your zodiac peers are listening to around the globe.

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How Do You Do The Zodiac Thing On Spotify?

The “zodiac thing” on Spotify can quickly be done with the help of Zodiac affinity.

The zodiac affinity tool allows you access to the top charts and songs your zodiac fellows are listening to. 

Also, you can get a playlist of 5 songs that interests other zodiacs.

Although the playlist is not extensive, it comes with only the right and top tracks based on the Zodiac you choose at the sign-in time.

To carry forward the zodiac thing on Spotify, all you need to do is login into the zodiac affinity website and select your favorable Zodiac from the list.

Once you agree to the terms, you will get the list of top tracks.

Are Spotify Zodiac Playlists Personalized?

Yes, the Spotify zodiac playlists are personalized for different zodiacs.

Although they are not available for a single person or specific users, they are known for different zodiacs on the list.

You can find these playlists based on your chosen Zodiac’s traits, horoscopes, and attributes.

Whenever you select a different zodiac, a new playlist will appear on your screen.

This shows that the zodiac affinity playlist displayed on your screen is personalized for each Zodiac.


Zodiac affinity is a fantastic tool that helps you to listen to songs based on your zodiac sign or monitor your horoscope.

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You can quickly get your Zodiac-based songs on Spotify by signing up for Spotify or login into your Spotify account on the zodiac affinity app.

You can explore the interest of other zodiacs or stick to yours as per your mood and convenience.

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