South Indian Bank Cash Deposit Machine Near Me

South Indian Bank Cash Deposit Machine Near Me

South Indian Bank might be a relatively small bank compared to other banks, but it has a strong loyalty that is unbeatable. As the name suggests, they’ve had a stronghold and connect with the South Indian customer base. Due to these connections, they have managed to survive for more than 92 years. 

They have joined the list of select few banks that provide you with extensive automated banking services. This article goes over how to locate a South Indian Bank CDM and what its features are.

South Indian Bank Cash Deposit Machine Near Me

Steps to find South Indian Bank Cash Deposit Machine(CDM) Near Me:

Step 1: Go to the South Indian Bank website.

Step 2: On the right side of the Slide show, you will see a menu bar. 

Step 3: Click on the Nearest ATM/CDM.

There are three ways to search for a CDM

1)Search- Enter the State, Metro/Non-Metro/District to find nearby.

2)ATM/CDM Keyword Search- You can do a Keyword search for the C.D.M. you are looking for.

3)Name Wise-Just below the keyword search, you can click on the C.D.M. list

Direct link for South Indian Bank CDM Locator: LINK

South Indian Bank CDM Deposit Limit

  • In a cardless deposit, you can put up to 49,990/- into the Cash receiver machine. 
  • If you are using a Debit card, the amount can be extended to 2 Lac in a Day.

South Indian Bank is hyper-focused on ensuring that the customer needs are met. Take advantage of the fantastic Cash recycler facility and make sizable deposits today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Majority of South Indian Bank CDM situated?

As most Bank account holders are situated in South India, there will be more C.D.M.’s there. However, S.I.B. has a decent amount of Cash receiving machines in the North belt.

How to Safely Deposit Money in a CDM?

When going into a C.D.M., ensure that you carry your money into a secure bag and remain it hidden. Cover up your screen when typing the P.I.N. number into the automated machine. Avoid going to the devices at odd hours and late at night.


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