PNB Cash Deposit Machine Near Me

PNB Cash Deposit Machine Near Me

Punjab National Bank or PNB is one of the oldest and the second largest nationalized institutions in the country. PNB has been the bank of choice for generations of families and has a deep root in the economy of India. Like all banks, it has gone through seismic changes through the century to serve its customers better. 

If you are a loyal PNB customer, then we have some exciting news! They have set up Cash Deposit Machines all across the country. This article goes over the procedure of locating a CDM machine near you and its features. 

The Unique Features of PNB CDM System

1)There are two types of Cash Deposit Machine available for you-

  • A standard CDM machine
  • PNB Cash Acceptor Cum ATM

Here’s a comparison chart between the 2 PNB CDM:

PNB CDM  PNB Cash Acceptor
You can only deposit cash into the machine. You can deposit and withdraw cash from the machine 
It can only accept 30,000/- and 40 notes in one transaction. It can accept up to 2,00,000/- and over 300 currency in one go
You cannot do ATM-like banking services. You can do other banking services available at ATM’s

PNB Cash Deposit Machine Near Me

Steps to find PNB Cash Deposit Machine(CDM) Near Me:

  1. Visit the Punjab National Bank’s website. 
  2. Go toward the Internet Banking section, and you’ll see a list of options to choose from.
  3. Hover over Locate us and click on the Cash Deposit machine on the sidebar.
  4. You will see two options BNA(Bunch Note acceptor) and CDM.
  5. You can choose between the two and type in the locality name.

Direct link for Canara Bank CDM Locator: LINK

PNB CDM Deposit Limit

The PNB CDM Deposit limits are the standard 49,990(cardless) and 2,00,000(Debit card). However, the significant difference ends up being how much currency and amount can be accepted. It depends upon whether it is a standard CDM machine or PNB Cash Acceptor Cum ATM.

Punjab National Bank CDM options are pretty compelling and to create different versions of the automated machine is brilliant. They can now cater to the needs of other branches and grow their network at a much faster rate. If you are a PNB customer, it is imperative to try out their services and give them a go.

PNB CDM Charges

  • In Punjab National Bank, if the customer deposits up to ₹2lakh in the base branch, the Bank will not deduct any charges. However, if the deposit amount is above ₹2 lakh, the Bank will charge ₹1 per thousand.
  • If the customer deposits up to ₹5,000 outside the base branch but is in the same city, the Bank will deduct the charge of ₹1 per thousand and a minimum of ₹25 per transaction.
  • If the customer deposits up to ₹5,000 outside the city, the Bank will deduct the charge of ₹2 per thousand and a minimum of ₹25 per transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you pay loans or Credit card payments through CDM?

No, you can only deposit in Savings or Current accounts.

Is Rs 200 Note Accepted in a PNB CDM? 

No, currently, the feature to accept Rs 200 isn’t here yet. 


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