Indian Bank Staff Portal

Indian Bank staff portal

Indian bank is one of the oldest and reputed financial institutions in the country. Owned by the Indian government since 1978, the public company has been serving over 100 million customers all around the globe.

What is the Indian Bank Staff Portal?

Indian Bank Staff Portal is made for employees of Indian Bank where they can get every information individually.

For whom Indian Bank Staff Portal is made?

Indian Bank employs more than 41,620 members in 6,004 branches to serve such a large base of customers. To give each of their employees support, they have custom-built a staff portal to help them 24×7.

Indian Bank Staff Portal Login

You can log in to the staff portal in a few simple and easy steps-

Step 1: Go to Indian Bank Staff Portal Website.

Step 2: Enter your seven-digit SRNO and password provided by the bank. Fill in the captcha and click on log in.

Step 3: You will be redirected to the dashboard to see all the information and get easy access to Employee details. 

Note: If any technical details you’re dealing with require the assistance of any kind, please call 044-28134496/ 044-28134309. They will help you deal with technical issues related to logging in or the website.

Advantages of Indian Bank Staff Portal

  1. Find out the Вrаnсh.

You can easily check what branch you are assigned to if you’re new to the company or transferred from another branch. 

  1. Keeping track of your pay and benefits 

You can check the status of your payslip and see whether it has been credited to your account. You can also see the status of the various benefits you’re receiving from the Indian Bank. Any change or human error can be easily caught and corrected by you at any time.

  1. Keep track of important announcements and changes.

Banks are constantly sending important information and announcements to the employee. You can check these changes at any point, and the company can even share confidential information directly with an employee.

The staff portal is incredibly helpful and useful to every employee of the Indian bank. Login in today to stay up to date with the latest activities and changes in rules/regulations.


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