SOP Full Form

SOP Full Form

The Full Form of SOP is Standard Operating Procedure.

Whether it is cooking or making a house, there is a method for everything. If work is done according to that method, then things are done in the right way at the right time, in the same way, any organization has its own written rules under which any work is done. It helps one to do their job better and smoothly so that quality is maintained along with consistency.

Every organization works in its way, at what time, what kind of decisions will be taken, it depends on the situation at that time, but some basic things remain the same, like the structure and concept of SOP.

Important content of SOPs

  • Name and Address: (of the company/organization)
  • SOP number and date: (when SOP was prepared/reviewed)
  • Aim or Objective of the SOP: 
  • Range of the SOP: (the area that is covered)
  • Procedure/Steps to be carried out in sequential order:
  • Whose responsibility: it is to carry out the SOP
  • Any other useful information
  • Name and Signature of the person who made reviewed the SOPs

Purpose of SOP

  • Organizing/following a regular recurring work process within the organization.
  • Documents are designed to support and implement the technical and quality systems.
  • SOPs are for a specific system of each organization, whose activities are pre-determined and work is done accordingly so that quality control and quality assurance are maintained and can follow government rules.

Benefits of SOP

  • Any process within the organization is followed consistently so that its quality is maintained and can minimize variation.
  • This process proves valuable when no other reference is available when evaluating old data in project reconstruction.

Preparation of SOPs

  • The detailed explanation provides easy to read, understand and follow the protocol for a new person even in the absence of a supervisor.
  • Practical implementation is a must.
  • The organization should prepare a procedure to follow what kind of process needs to be documented.
  • Since it is a multitasking process, a team approach is required to manage better.

Review and approval

  • It should be reviewed by one or more individual training and experiments.
  • Before finalizing any document, it is checked so that if there is any defect, it can be removed and made standard.
  • Once the documents are completed, they need to be approved by professionals in that area.
  • Documents need to be rechecked at a certain interval of time, and need to be updated. (Expired process should be removed).


Working through SOPs saves the time of any organization and also facilitates working with the employee.